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1. Today is my birthday I'm 20. My uncle is coming to visit. Haven't seen him since I was 14 I think and I don’t know why I don’t care to seem him now. Huh, I feel like an asshole.

2. I read 14 volumes of Muhyo & Rouji's BSI last week. I like so many things about this series, in no way is it the best of anything, or maybe its just viz translation but I don’t care since I read it like a madmen. I can’t wait to read the last four volumes and I don’t want the ending to disappoint me.

3. 80's music: Armies of the Night by Sparks from Fright Night, totally stuck in my head.

4. I'm finally deleting my myspace, should have done it a long time ago.

5. I'm sad about delicious man. I can only save up my bookmarks.

This needed to be share people. I can't stop watching it.
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2) I was depressed this weekend and I didn't want to do anything so this morning I decide to kick my butt and do some laundry. I need some clean cloths after all since its COLD. I'm an idiot.

3) This morning I wasted too much time on tumblr. I so need to stay away from there or I would lose my life, so def. not getting an account.

4) LOOK AT HIS FACE. jess eisenberg you are my new obsession.

5) Almost finish uploading new icons and I'm commenting now.

Went on Gossip Girl binge and I'm still madly in love with Dan Humphrey.

I got so many things to read and think through. I will be back online once I finish folding some cloths.
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What happening in my Real Life this week. Sporadic internet is no fun but nothing to whine about and I’m glad right now, I have regular internet connection.

This what happens after watching the original Star Wars trilogy marathon, I go searching for fic. (I still love the movies.)

Star Wars
A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope by Keith Martin - Reconsidering Star Wars IV in the light of I-III (This makes sense.)

Known by [ profile] imadra_blue - Luke and Leia had always known they were brother and sister. Always. Luke/Leia was my first het incest pairing. I love this fic it has the right amount of UST between the twins, the sense of wrongness, and a spot on Luke characterization. (~1,225 words)

Number One! by blank101 - Set between A New Hope and Empire, the following is a short, light-hearted vignette/missing scene done for fun. Han's always the first to know and Luke feels he's always the last, but this is the kind of dubious honour that no-one should have to face this early on a morning. Hilarious, if feels like it can be canon in some way. I love the style of the writing and can’t wait to read blank’s Son of Suns Trilogy, the author epic dark!Luke AU. (~3,250 words)

Han and Luke by nautilusl2 – fanart! Cute and nice coloring.

A Dream Long Lost by kataja - After helping each other through some the terrifying experiences, Leia's and Luke's relationship take a step further. Set a couple of days after Splinters of the Mind's Eye. 2 ABY. (~3,100 words)

Untitled by LeelaStarsky – fanart! An older Luke, Han and Leia. As they might have looked in the New Jedi Order series, except not. The art is Han/Leia but it my mind is Han/Leia/Luke seriously they are my OT3.

Dark Days by Twinkledru J. - The escape to Hoth was cold and dark. (~1,100 words)

Everybody Has a Place by Abi Z. - Twins, Han thought. Strange and rare and beautiful. An interesting take on Luke characterization and it fits. (~1,800 words)

Tomorrow Will Go Back To Yesterday by Alysa - Han struggles in the aftermath of Endor, and realizes he's been waiting around for the wrong thing. (~2,700 words)

Disconnections by Caryn B - Set several months after Return of the Jedi. Luke is keeping something from Han and it's threatening to destroy their friendship. On the eve of going their separate ways they attempt to breach the growing distance between them. Han and Luke are both in character in this; it doesn’t feel force, just right. (~15,000 words)

Electricity by Lady Ra - Total AU, although it is set in the Star Wars environment: Solo's a cop and he needs some special help to solve a crime. A nice very self-indulgent AU, that is believable and my only complaint is the lack of interaction between Luke & Leia. (~26,400 words)

In His Father's Shoes by Morgan Dawn - What would have happened to Luke if Leia had not rescued him from Darth Vader at Cloud City? If Luke had been turned to the Dark Side by the Emperor long before Han was ever rescued? Where and how would Han & Luke meet again? The story offers a dark twist on Luke's relationship to the Force and the people he loves. This wonderfully written dark!Luke and the end bring a tear in my eye. (12,000 words)


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