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Gosh, I haven’t post in a while. I’m feeling horrible; my face is like dry & red, probably an allergic reaction. I don’t know what to do with it.

I’m been reading The Dream Merchant by Isabel Hoving, the book is translated from Dutch. It very long read (over 600 pages) and good enough to distract me away from the computer.

Saturday, my dad took me out to eat at the Chinese restaurant near the train tracks. It was delicious, a bit salty, but it was great. It makes me sad that there are not enough good Chinese places around my area.

I think Monday was a great day. I slept in, which is always awesome, and my dad made me drive. We went out to eat at Olive Garden (2-1) and went to Marble Slab Creamery (3-0) for desert.

I always have fun shopping with my dad. I realize that without my mom in the house, we vote like a democracy. I like that my dad listen to me about my views & opinions of the world. Like I think human beings take for granted that we are human beings. We should be able to use our big brains and not act like animals.

I’m in a weird state. My sister was like amaze that I could rant about three things that tick me off at one time. I actually felt like I was on my period because I was so angry that I feel like I need to voice my thoughts.

Five things that make me rant @ home bc I’m nice: Science, Politics, Religion, YA Books (was Anime/Manga) & Gender. Really, I will never try to rant in this journal. One of the reasons is that I don’t want to offend anyone and the second is that I feel better speaking then writing.

I rather have a discussion over the phone then the internet, even though I hate talking on the phone.

Also bought my mom some stuff for her birthday. Also I'm going to my uncle's house to give him a cake on his birthday. We also got him a Hoops & YoYo.

Also got a Thanksgiving theme Hoops & YoYo card for my friend Ailsa. I miss my best friend. I love my other friends but she the only one that let me have pseudo-intellectual conversation.

I really enjoy Lily Allen new music videos:
Also I like her 1970's wig in "Not Fair".
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I long for scenes where man has never trod—
For scenes where woman never smiled or wept—
There to abide with my Creator, God,
And sleep as I in childhood sweetly slept,
Full of high thoughts, unborn. So let me lie,—
The grass below; above, the vaulted sky.

- From Written in Northampton County Asylum by John Clare


I'm way to comfortable with violence. Especially, with my sister. Me and her went at it on a Thursday night. Probably shown our level of our maturity but the next day we just fine. She has scars of my nail imprint and I have a huge bruise from her wear she bit me.

The only good thing I can think about my relationship with my family is that we don't stay angry with each other. We know when to let go grudges but we need better outlet for anger.

The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural is going to make my Thursday night exciting for me. This time I'm going to try not to miss episodes and I'm so going to babble about these shows in my journal. Both of these fandom are pretty scary to look at. Even my friends are excited for Thursdays nights now.

Mobile Internet is coming soon to me and still working on the script.

Why must school be so boring, maybe I need to pick better classes for myself. My dad I need to be more career focus. I'm not so creative minded to think of a career I want to be in the future.

I can't seem to find a layout I want to use for my journal. I'm also thinking of getting a paid account so the ads won't mess with the layout. Upside is to also have more userpics slots.

The American population infuriates me so much especially with the so called problem with the President address to school children on Tuesday. Please people is a god damned speech that kids are probably not going to pay attention to the speech anyway because there are kids who probably be on their cellphones. I don't want to say anymore because this subject especially about right wing America pisses me off. I really can't stand close-minded people.


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