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I'm tired from lack of proper sleep and I feel sick.

This is me being random: Seriously how much of the Beatles can I listen to at a time? I don't know their music makes me happy but not like the Beach Boys. I must never have mention that I really like the Beach Boys. It just my type of pop music. I just got into the Beatles, I been listening to their albums. My favorite is Help! at this very moment. I have lots to said about the Beatles but I don't want to bored anyone.

Seriously I think I'm going through a weird musical journey and have no idea where I'm going to stop for the day.

Today, I was listening to Fall Out Boy nonstop.

I'm in love with Juan Son, at this very moment. Listen to the song, this a fair warning the music is experimental but very catchy. He from Guadalajara, Mexico and think he really sexy.

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LISTEN to Mermaid Sashimi – Juan Son

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I think I need to eat some chicken soup.
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I love Mika first album, Life in Cartoon Motion and this second album The Boy Who Knew Too Much is just as good as the first but the beats are more slower. So it the not the crazy dance all over the place but he says he wrote this album based on his teenage years and the entire feeling of it exactly that.

I love his musical style and he one of favorite pop musician.
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