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May. 3rd, 2010 10:52 pm
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My sister is nice, she made me a icon.

Monday, has not been a good day. I’m sick, in the feverish, achy kind of way. I don’t know if I still have a fever but I had a high temperature since this morning. The weather is not helping either, the high pressure made the joints in my feet ache. My stomach hurts and I so don’t want to eat. Also, I don't want it to be summer right now. The heat & the humidity seem to make me ill.

I think I should stop eating spicy food, too since I had heartburn when I woke up this morning.

Sunday, I had a good time at my mom’s best friend church. Too bad the church is in Stone Mountain and not closer to home for me to go regularly.

Films/Series/etc. I want to see: From the Earth to the Moon, a HBO mini-series. The Harry Palmer films, which stars Michael Caine. Cast a Deadly Spell, H.P. Lovecraft-ese HBO film. BSB will be in Atlanta on 6/3, I so want to go.

Sequels to books I want to read: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (10/26/2010), sequel to Beautiful Creatures. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick (?), sequel to hush, hush. Torment by Lauren Kate (09/28/2010), sequel to Fallen. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, sequel to The Hunger Games.

made by [personal profile] nekochan

My sister first post, about why you should watch Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam/Straight from the Heart.

I better get some sleep.
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Tightrope by Janelle Monáe, Go watch her music video. The girl can dance, man I wish I can move like that. Can wait for her album to come out in May. Download from Metropolis The Chase Suite

♣ Ugh, I have to make plans to go to Guatemala (for a week in June or September). I wish we can travel by teleporter, seriously, I need to get a passport and whole bunch of other stuff. It be cool to go there since the last time I been there I was a toddler.


Addams Family
Those Who Favor by [ profile] solarbaby614 - fanart! Courtship takes on a whole new meaning.

Blade Trinity
Love, Anonymous by [ profile] kristories - "Okay, ew," Abigail says. Hannibal looks over at her curiously. She's holding up a whip, with a bow. (~640 words)

The Delivery Boy At The End Of The World by Ijemanja - Leela would never sleep with Fry - not even if he was the last guy on the planet. Until he is. I read this a few years ago and just able to find it again. I still adore the story today. Fry/Leela will always have a silly place in my heart. (~1,182 words)

Iron Man
Ready To Snap by [ profile] nyghtpet - Tony reaps the benefits of Rhodey's bad day. Damn, Rhodes can do whatever he wants with me too if he having a bad day. (~901 words)

Bedtime Story by [ profile] eve_k - movie-verse fancomic! Kinks. Base on [ profile] cycnus39's Bedtime Story. Stars are in my eyes with this fancomic; fabulously done, the details and the light coloring, everything was done beautifully. Gosh, go read it.

Johnny Test
An Awesome Deal by [ profile] haku_kaen - The girls were heading to college in less than a week, ready to take their first steps towards the day when the government might actually fund their projects instead of just showing up to beg for them once they were complete. In preparation for leaving they'd called Johnny in to offer him a deal. (~810 words)

Thirty-Second Annual American College of Surgeons Clinical Symposium, Cincinnati by Lyra - post-series. Surgical conventions would be a great thing, thought Hawkeye, as he finally reached the front of the line, if it weren't for all the bloody surgeons clogging up the works. Which is why he swore he would never go. Pitch Perfect. (~8,490 words)

OZ (3) )

True Blood
Misinterpreted by queen125 - Sequel to Mistaken. Eric knows what he saw in the store. He knows Bill wants him, but will Bill convince him that he's got the situation all wrong? Seriously, why can't True Blood fans see the potential between Bill & Eric? Don't be mistaken I still like Sookie but by herself for some reason and Eric is the fandom bicycle anyway. (~2,690 words)

Paying the Price by EricFancier - Eric will do Bill a favor. But not for free... (~1,680 words)
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I have a fun time over the weekend at my friend Amber's place. Athena & Amber got me to watch the first season of True Blood. That show is serious crack and probably my favorite lmao show. It has everything you can think of and maybe I download the second season. Lafayette, Tara, & Sam are my favorite characters. I like to point out that the True Blood opening is all kinds of awesome. The song is great too. So here a download of the song.

Favorite part of White Collar 1.01.

Going to watch the second episode tonight hopefully.

Remember Counting Games. I still use them to day to figure out what to choose at anything. Great place to get Quotes for Writers. Nice Prompt Generator to get off a writer's block. A great thing to send to friends, give Blog Awards. For any of my writer's friends that need a pick up read about Famous Rejections. My favorite blog to find about new books in the young adult book world (UK & US), go read cityofbooks.

Here some links to artists I like to buy pieces from if I had money.
Oliver and the Elder.
Travis Louie.
Audrey Kawasaki.

Article that better describe my feeling on the Twilight Saga. First two was okay.

I don't know I think I'm the love to hate this series. My sister & I already found books that are way better than Twilight. I like to pimp Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink. Omg this book is my favorite for this year.


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