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No longer have internet at home and I'm sad. Well I'm sad but not bc of the internet. Depression can you please go away.

I'm on my phone typing this, about to go to the doctor. Dad is not doing so well. Hopefully can have some good news later today.

eta. At the library, yeah for the glorious internet on a bigger screen, thank God. Doctor says my dad maybe have Thyroiditis. Ugh, why can't my family be healthy. My sister also went to see doctor today bc of missing periods. I pray it nothing serious like cancer. I hope everyone has their health.
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I miss Polaroids. My mama (babysitter) use to braid my hair and teach me how to cook in her tiny kitchen which was directly on top of hair salon. Her grandson will take pictures and I remember looking at my self. I look so different now. My skin got darker from moving down south. Miss having my memories in shoeboxes.

Travis is so cute with his dogs, Magnum & Lil Girl.
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I need to go get some sleep now. One of the best weekend spending time with my friends. We talk about so many things. I can’t be any more closing to these girls. We are biggest dorks and don’t care if you know it. Why I’m I the only one under 18 in the room. Shame on Athena smoking a Black Mile in front of little asthmatic self. This cute guy at Brusters was flirting with me and my friends want me to ask his number. I’m guess I’m bit to shy but the place was too busy for me to ask his number.
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Die Toten Hosen a German band that I currently listening to see if I should check them out some more.

Give me some more punk rock lol.

Gah, I can’t stand Georgia summer without air conditioning in the apartment. The weather is making me very grumpy & sleepy. No wonder most summers I’m asleep for long period of time.

June 3rd will mark my second year of using live journal.

I’m trying to work with my muse to start writing more of random ideas. Why muse, why do you leave me all the time. Bandom you rot my brain.

Packing my apartment seems to take forever. I think my brain wants to take a vacation but my body must find a job to maintain my simple lifestyle. Ragion told me take college students can get food stamps. I told my mom that I would not forget to eat. Yes I would not starve myself to save money.

I hope that I won’t procrastinate to much in college. If I finish college on time I wish to move to New Jersey near my crazy side(Puerto Ricans) of my family. My family like live barely a few miles from NYC but the traffic is hell on earth. Atlanta got nothing on New York. I love Atlanta because is cleaner then New York and still have a lot of places to hang out.

I don’t know if I should transfer to Georgia state after going to Gordon.

My mom got an address to this place for me to buy Indian music. Yeah I love her for knowing my taste. My forgot to take me to this Indian market in Florida for me to buy cds. I have not see any new movies out in India. I’m not ashamed to said I love bollywood.

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Apr. 2nd, 2008 07:11 pm
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Listen to her. She makes me want to take French and to dance up and down.
Yelle - French electronic pop

I can wait for this year summer movies.
1) Dark Knight
2) Forbidden Kingdom
3) more…

Mi hermana está en la búsqueda de un empleo. No voy a graduarse de la escuela secundaria este año. Sólo tengo que tomar más clases de Inglés. Nadie está molesto conmigo, y que es todo bueno. La gente que me conoce sabe que quiero que mi labio perforar y conseguir un tatuaje en mi espalda de mi décimo octavo cumpleaños. Tuve un ensayo español de hoy. Omar estaba hablando de Maria pelo trenzado en clase. Omar quiere dueño de una barbería. Él es un tío muy divertido. Todo el mundo a mi alrededor está cansado. Mis amigos están listos para ir a la escuela a ser más.
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Yesterday was a funny day. Guess What, that morning I miss the bus to go to school. I was not the only one several others miss the bus so the bus drivers change his timing and now have to leave the house early. So miss the bus want back home and punishment is to clean house but also can do my homework I forgot to do during the weekend. The show the Boondocks is mad funny and the episode The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2 is crazy. Riley was wearing a skort and a sport bra. He look so cute and Gangstalicious is gay he has a song called Homies over Hoes. I download it and I can't stop saying it but a young 8 year old black wearing a mini skirt is cute.

Katt Williams - American Hustle

I totally organizing my music folder. It is such a huge mess.


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