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Apr. 26th, 2011 07:56 pm
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Listen: The Glitch Mob - A Dream Within A Dream; I like this track.

Today recs post in two parts: one and two

Walk a mile today with my mom, we going try to continue everyday maybe try to do it in the morning.

Funeral is going to be held on May 7 in Kissimmee, Florida plenty of time for family to get there. My uncle is in Hawaii and my cousin is in Afghanistan. My dad has surgery this Thursday. Hopefully there is not going to be any complications. I'm going to finally purchase some paid time in May for six months.

For Three Weeks For DW, I'm going to purchase paid time, post more regularly, and comment some more. I was thinking of making a comment rec post for fanvids on my journal but I don't feel up to do it.

river from car window view view of trees and a house: Jackson, GA me: sweaty looking from a walk

Question: What are your favourite home county film and/or foreign film? It doesn't matter the age of the film, just trying to build a new to watch list. (My answer is Fiddler on the Roof and Khalnayak.)
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This post is about my family and how awesome they are in pic form. My family is important. They are awesome in their support for me.

So we visit my grandma when my mom first got home from the army. My dad took pictures, he shot all these pics expect the last one, I think. I need to take a photo of him too, a great one for all the awesome one he took.

... )

Question: What can help headaches, cause the over-the-counter meds doesn’t seem to help. (Fever is gone at least.)

Busy, Busy

Apr. 17th, 2010 01:36 am
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My mom is back home, safe and sound, on a four week leave. She came back Tuesday night and no one got any sleep that night even though my dad had to work that morning. It was great seeing my mom looking good and glad that she is back.

♣ Wednesday: Around 4 a.m., my dad left for work and came back inside to tell my mom that our van radio got stolen. (That about the time I fell asleep.) Yeah, two years living in Jackson and this happen, we live for like four years in a ghetto neighborhood never happen to us before. *shake heads*

My sister end up waking my mom and I so we can go out to eat breakfast at the Lunchbox. (We were tired as hell.) We ate and start a long day of shopping for new cloths for my mom. Some of her cloths that she bought back have to be thrown away. Lets just say that a nice white sport bra is no longer what it was no more.

My sister also got new glasses that are like my glasses but in brown. It going to look really good on her.

♣ Thursday: Another day of shopping, my legs were tired but I wore man sandals yesterday that are not very good for walking. So I wore sneakers but I was glad to go home at the end of the day.

♣ Friday: I decided home today, clean up, pack for a trip to Florida this weekend. My mom wants to see grandma.

♣ New Flash: The neighbor across the street also got their car radio stolen. (My mother is thinking about buying a gun for the house.)

♣ Left the house at 6 p.m. to travel to Florida to visit my grandmother.

♣ Now in Florida using my grandmother free wi-fi.

♣ I got something more to say, I think but I’m tired.

I still don’t what to do for three weeks for dw but I’m going to participate.


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