Nov. 8th, 2011 05:21 pm
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I’m finally enrolled at school (I did it today), I will start later this month and I’m so fucking anxious. I’m excited and now I need to find way to relax. Jesus, I don’t what to do with myself now. I’m overwhelmed and I’m so happy that financial aid ladies where so helpful.
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My mom and I are going back to school. I don’t know if I should be excited. I hope that I can get a grant to paid for the tuition. *fingers cross*

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Yesterday I slept the whole night away. So today I was hype up. Magan was in school Tuesday for her last day in the hell hole. She going to start nigh school. I was shock by the new that she is pregnant with Moose’s baby. I over it now. I made her happy with my frog socks. She really hates ELHS. She told me she brought her weave for her cosplay. She going to be Sephiroth (FF vii). I also listen to a new band she hook to now.

Me and my friends are losers.
Ailsa is B-day Loser.
Yazzy is Crazy Loser.
I was Loser but Ails add hot and Yazzy wrote sexy (lol) on my notebook.
Ana is the Psycho Loser.
Athena did not partake in the name picking.

Ana, my siter keeps making crack names for aliases when we go somewhere. Happy next week is my last week in ELHS.

Happy that I have plans for Friday and Saturday to go out. Listening to some of old An Café songs are bringing back memories for me. I’m sad that I don’t have the Magnya Carta CD. I think about getting their new CD. *_* Import prices. Also I need good pics of the band to put on an Antic Café music post. I want to spread the love.

You Know

Feb. 13th, 2008 04:54 pm
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Yazmere B-day is on Saturday and I need to think on what to get. She mad crazy and she from Brooklyn. Next week is going to be no school yeah for late-winter break and on Feb 22nd is my Gordon College campus visit. Mrs. Schernekau feels better and she was awesomely funny today. We took our poetry test. She tells the best stories. Should I get a school yearbook: yes or no?, for $85.

Mitch and Jacob are so funny. They did a cover of A Whole New World form Aladdin with Jacob as Jasmine and Mitch is Aladdin. My teacher Mr. Dees (Gov't & Economics teacher) found this out and print out a misinterpret picture up on a transparency and show it in class.

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Yesterday was a funny day. Guess What, that morning I miss the bus to go to school. I was not the only one several others miss the bus so the bus drivers change his timing and now have to leave the house early. So miss the bus want back home and punishment is to clean house but also can do my homework I forgot to do during the weekend. The show the Boondocks is mad funny and the episode The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2 is crazy. Riley was wearing a skort and a sport bra. He look so cute and Gangstalicious is gay he has a song called Homies over Hoes. I download it and I can't stop saying it but a young 8 year old black wearing a mini skirt is cute.

Katt Williams - American Hustle

I totally organizing my music folder. It is such a huge mess.


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