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I probably drop off from the internet for little while, my dad is in the hospital. He going to be scheduled for open heart surgery, maybe on Friday if no further complications arise. I'm nervous wreck right now and trying not to breakdown. The drive to hospital is also not doing any favors with my anxiety.

I'm not going to class today but I will go tomorrow. I have to pick up my W2 and my dad’s bonus check tomorrow. I don't know what to do today.

Sharing happy music, videos, and/or anything to keep my mind off my troubles, I will appreciates it if you do.
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Bathroom drain is unclog, finally yeah. Pain medication is taken; Costochondritis is a bitch (It felt like I was having a heart attack or a serve panic attack at Target at all places).

My lovely mother found a part-time job and I nervously gathering courage to enroll into school to receive a diploma. Money I wish I had it so I paid for school, looking for a good loan is making sweat and cringe. Horrible researcher, I am truly can't seem to be able to used internet to find important information.

Making a decision to buy a Kindle or save my money for school is tough. Saving money that what I got to do.

My sister made have PCOS, scariness, maybe I shouldn't be afraid but anything medical make me feel scared. Her doctor apportionment is today. If she does have then I have to go get tested and my sister already she didn't like the specialist she seeing.(Test was inconclusive but she has to take metofmin.)

I'm enjoying my experience with pinboard. I’m still taking my time fixing my bookmarks but I very happy that I have all of them. Looking for more people to add my network, my interests tend to change every month so I need to find more multi-fannish people.

Posted new recs here.
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I'm alive, mostly. I finally realize how addicted I'm to the Internet. I went through withdrawal not having it in the house or on my mobile. I'm slowly reading fic I can save from the library to read later at home. I hate the nearest library to my house only allow me to use Internet Explorer. I really hate that browser, always giving me a headache.

I'm slowly trying to read real books to curb my withdrawal. I totally feel like it not working but I'm trying.

I don’t think I will be trying to post regular recs post again. I don’t have the energy to do it. It makes me sad to think that I don’t have internet at home.

I finally got to watch Captain America, thank you dad, which made me happy and I also finally watch the final season of Avatar: the Last Airbender. (Thank you nicktoons.) Zuko is my new favorite, love how he progress as a character.

an update

Jun. 22nd, 2011 10:48 pm
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Omg, today was a crazy day, at work we had a huge ass fire near the plant. I'm also pissed that my dad coworkers is putting the blame on my daddy. *rage* Seriously, for a first job, it kind of exciting, one thing thinks I like working at the company is that I don't have to talk to whole lot of people. One thing I hate is that I end up with a sore back and bruises.

I don't know how I'm going to resolve my issues with driving. Panic attacks I hate them.

I'm off for the weekend so I can get caught up on my reading.
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Last Friday was hectic, my Father's heart wasn't in great shape had to go to the hospital, a stent was done and my aunt came with her kids. Aunt and her kids got on my nerves and spoke my mind. Aunt cause some drama and was immature enough to post about it on Facebook. My period started when they left on Wednesday. I was glad to kick them out of here. I did a whole lot of cleaning and my grandmother is now combative. I hate that is not who she is but all I can to do is make whatever days left she have are good. I'm tired and I should get some sleep. I wasn't on the internet and I didn't post recs yesterday. I will make it up next week.

Still can’t read when I’m angry, glad that my mom is my mom, check out some books from the library, can always talk to my friend when I need an outlet. I walk every day, and glad I’m rockin a tan.

I hope this post make some sense since I’m both sleep deprived and haven't drank much water today.

WEBCOMIC I’m in love with it totally will spend money on this: Cura Te Ipsum written by Neal Bailey and drawn by Dexter Wee.
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I'm full of frustration. My sister and I have to take care of my grandma today. Today is very stressful, my mom took my dad for his heart exam and found he my dad has to go get emergency heart surgery.

Hopefully I will hear some good news and I really don't want my aunt to be here tomorrow. I'm in the mood to rip people apart right now.

Today I'm feeling selfish so I want to say fuck it world.

I don’t want to be sad just days before I got my dad to watch Doctor Who, so he can watch the new series with me.

I better get back to cleaning and eat something before I past out.


Mar. 1st, 2011 04:04 pm
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February was not a great month. I finally update my other journal. [Link]

My grandmother had a stroke and she doing much better now. Ugh, Real Life is getting in my way. I haven’t done much reading or commenting since I still don’t have internet because Hughes Net is an ass. I’m not comfortable using my mobile for the internet. I’m feeling pretty much lackluster.

Driving during a thunderstorm to my new place is seriously scary, yesterday totally proved that.

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disclaimer: getting back to writing is hard and i feel like an idiot.

I have been quiet on dreamwidth and livejounral for a whole long month. Wow I bet no one misses me. *jokily sarcastic* This post was supposed to be for November 1st but I got sidetracked painting my nails for no apparent reason and waiting for them to dry.

October was interesting month; I did lots of thinking and want through some changes in my daily life.

I took a step back from trying to force myself to write and to participate in fandom. I felt stress for some reason to try to be engaging so I stop let it go and go back to lurking. I didn't comment much anywhere and read whole ton of fanfiction.

I feel better now. Goal for this month is to step back from reading and gives some feedback.

(I think I was stressing myself over nothing. The internet is not real life.)

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Livejournal plz continue to be skeezy. Another reason I don't want to hang out with you.
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- I'm jamming to Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty album. (Favourite Tracks: Fo Yo Sorrows & Shine Blockas) I'm in love with it and this is how I like my hip-hop to sound. I need to listen to more funk but no idea where to start. Another album I'm loving at the moment is Flamingo by Brandon Flowers. (Favourite Tracks: Swallow It & I Came Here To Get Over You) I'm listening to back to back. I don't know what that says about my taste.

- I upload My Chemical Romance's Art is The Weapon video for anyone that wants to download it and watch it a bunch of times. I'm excited to hear such a new sound from these guys and gosh, everyone is so adorable in the video.

- Pete's new band Black Cards sound a bit like The Real Tuesday Weld but with a female vocalist. I totally dig it since I’m big fan of reggae and ska music and electro-pop mashup with reggae I can dig it.

- Everyone in my place is still sick. Grandma is going to doctor tomorrow again. Mom's mysterious illness is still not solve. I gain four pounds but my dad lost four makes me laugh.

- My hair is a freaking mystery guys. (I always feel like I'm having bad hair day. I don't have any ideas about taking care of my hair and suddenly it all long now.) I'm getting compliments on how shiny & black it is and I still don't know how it’s doing it. Or maybe it all in my head that my hair is totally low maintenance and I'm bless with good genetics. (I just want to cut it all off.)

- I'm driving myself crazy trying to find a layout I like to see on my journal. I always want to add a header that I found and really like. But I’m sucking at figuring out CSS. I will try to figure it out soon.

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This post is about my family and how awesome they are in pic form. My family is important. They are awesome in their support for me.

So we visit my grandma when my mom first got home from the army. My dad took pictures, he shot all these pics expect the last one, I think. I need to take a photo of him too, a great one for all the awesome one he took.

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Question: What can help headaches, cause the over-the-counter meds doesn’t seem to help. (Fever is gone at least.)
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My mother really likes to buy a lot of cookbooks. I made this assumptions since today another package from came to the house today. This time an Italian cookbook. (First package was a cupcake cookbook and a cookbook on cooking meals for two.) I think that meant to be a gift for my father since my mom doesn’t eat any type of food outside the characteristics of Puerto Rican cooking.

My mom is going to come home from Afghanistan soon. I don’t know what state of mind she will be once she comes back. I wish we don’t have this war going gone. Makes me angsty thinking about what my mom is going through and that she be upsets with me when she comes back. (I will totally fail to receive the best daughter of the year award.)

My sister and I went to the bookstore and spilt the cost to buys some books. I’m now the proud owner of Gunslinger by Stephen King (My sister tells me it was great.) and Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey (I‘m going to take this as a vampire romance spoof.).

I also check out the first two book of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. So far the first book is keeping my attention.

Also did the US Census, Hispanic/Latino is not a race so my dad told me to put white for him, he has no Asian or African in him and my mom well she gets to pick for herself.

I put my sister and I under white too and under two Hispanic origins. (Funny note: People think my sister and I are twins at times but they think she half black/white. Me more Asian looking.) (LOL I always laugh when people think we look a like. We don’t have actually have lots of share features.)

I think I’m finally done tinkering with my layout. Still have old recs post to up. I hate working with html at times.
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Gosh, I haven’t post in a while. I’m feeling horrible; my face is like dry & red, probably an allergic reaction. I don’t know what to do with it.

I’m been reading The Dream Merchant by Isabel Hoving, the book is translated from Dutch. It very long read (over 600 pages) and good enough to distract me away from the computer.

Saturday, my dad took me out to eat at the Chinese restaurant near the train tracks. It was delicious, a bit salty, but it was great. It makes me sad that there are not enough good Chinese places around my area.

I think Monday was a great day. I slept in, which is always awesome, and my dad made me drive. We went out to eat at Olive Garden (2-1) and went to Marble Slab Creamery (3-0) for desert.

I always have fun shopping with my dad. I realize that without my mom in the house, we vote like a democracy. I like that my dad listen to me about my views & opinions of the world. Like I think human beings take for granted that we are human beings. We should be able to use our big brains and not act like animals.

I’m in a weird state. My sister was like amaze that I could rant about three things that tick me off at one time. I actually felt like I was on my period because I was so angry that I feel like I need to voice my thoughts.

Five things that make me rant @ home bc I’m nice: Science, Politics, Religion, YA Books (was Anime/Manga) & Gender. Really, I will never try to rant in this journal. One of the reasons is that I don’t want to offend anyone and the second is that I feel better speaking then writing.

I rather have a discussion over the phone then the internet, even though I hate talking on the phone.

Also bought my mom some stuff for her birthday. Also I'm going to my uncle's house to give him a cake on his birthday. We also got him a Hoops & YoYo.

Also got a Thanksgiving theme Hoops & YoYo card for my friend Ailsa. I miss my best friend. I love my other friends but she the only one that let me have pseudo-intellectual conversation.

I really enjoy Lily Allen new music videos:
Also I like her 1970's wig in "Not Fair".
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I need to go get some sleep now. One of the best weekend spending time with my friends. We talk about so many things. I can’t be any more closing to these girls. We are biggest dorks and don’t care if you know it. Why I’m I the only one under 18 in the room. Shame on Athena smoking a Black Mile in front of little asthmatic self. This cute guy at Brusters was flirting with me and my friends want me to ask his number. I’m guess I’m bit to shy but the place was too busy for me to ask his number.
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Today my two good friends Athena and Amber are coming over. I’m really happy that they are coming because I don’t see them much any more. I talk about it later. I hope everybody have an awesome weekend. I comment yall later.

Amber, I love you and your eating habits.
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Yesterday I slept the whole night away. So today I was hype up. Magan was in school Tuesday for her last day in the hell hole. She going to start nigh school. I was shock by the new that she is pregnant with Moose’s baby. I over it now. I made her happy with my frog socks. She really hates ELHS. She told me she brought her weave for her cosplay. She going to be Sephiroth (FF vii). I also listen to a new band she hook to now.

Me and my friends are losers.
Ailsa is B-day Loser.
Yazzy is Crazy Loser.
I was Loser but Ails add hot and Yazzy wrote sexy (lol) on my notebook.
Ana is the Psycho Loser.
Athena did not partake in the name picking.

Ana, my siter keeps making crack names for aliases when we go somewhere. Happy next week is my last week in ELHS.

Happy that I have plans for Friday and Saturday to go out. Listening to some of old An Café songs are bringing back memories for me. I’m sad that I don’t have the Magnya Carta CD. I think about getting their new CD. *_* Import prices. Also I need good pics of the band to put on an Antic Café music post. I want to spread the love.


Apr. 2nd, 2008 07:11 pm
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Listen to her. She makes me want to take French and to dance up and down.
Yelle - French electronic pop

I can wait for this year summer movies.
1) Dark Knight
2) Forbidden Kingdom
3) more…

Mi hermana está en la búsqueda de un empleo. No voy a graduarse de la escuela secundaria este año. Sólo tengo que tomar más clases de Inglés. Nadie está molesto conmigo, y que es todo bueno. La gente que me conoce sabe que quiero que mi labio perforar y conseguir un tatuaje en mi espalda de mi décimo octavo cumpleaños. Tuve un ensayo español de hoy. Omar estaba hablando de Maria pelo trenzado en clase. Omar quiere dueño de una barbería. Él es un tío muy divertido. Todo el mundo a mi alrededor está cansado. Mis amigos están listos para ir a la escuela a ser más.

You Know

Feb. 13th, 2008 04:54 pm
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Yazmere B-day is on Saturday and I need to think on what to get. She mad crazy and she from Brooklyn. Next week is going to be no school yeah for late-winter break and on Feb 22nd is my Gordon College campus visit. Mrs. Schernekau feels better and she was awesomely funny today. We took our poetry test. She tells the best stories. Should I get a school yearbook: yes or no?, for $85.

Mitch and Jacob are so funny. They did a cover of A Whole New World form Aladdin with Jacob as Jasmine and Mitch is Aladdin. My teacher Mr. Dees (Gov't & Economics teacher) found this out and print out a misinterpret picture up on a transparency and show it in class.

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