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Just receive my paid account for a whole year, yeah. First time I ever brought time for myself ever and I'm all excited for more icons. Wednesday and Thursday is my last days to work at Tensar. Researching and thinking about application process for school is driving my ass wild. I'm freaking out. I don't know what to do and I'm totally out of it.

Sunday at work I was melting, I didn't know I could sweat like that. I'm not even going to tell what the temperature I was working in just hot to never work in that condition again in my life; glad my time is almost over. Nervous to get another job though.

Post new recs and upload whole bunch of account on my other account. About to change my mood theme once I upload the photos.

My mom and sister bought me Circle of Fire by Michelle Zink and The Great Gatsby (One of my favorites).

I think I'm going to buy myself a Kindle, but I should save for school, tough decisions.

Sun Burnt

Jul. 9th, 2011 05:09 pm
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I'm alive just been working and for three days straight I had to be outside being around people I don't want to be around for ten hours straight. I'm exhausted. Seriously can't wait for night shift after this weekend. I hate working with around people my age. I seriously have inferiority complex and hate social interactions. I hate talking about or hearing people having social lives especially from college students. I know they talk about me behind my back so whatever I'm there to be paid. (I’m terrified of going back, I really hate being around

My dad co-workers are jerks and we can't help being passive, can't even muster passive-aggression. smh

I'm couple of shades darker, which I'm cool with if I wasn't for the irritation of itchy skin.

Bought some mangas for my sister and bought Last Exile for myself.

Behind in reading two BBB stories I read last weekend (I think) and never finish them. I don't fill up to trying to catch up with them. My bookmarks are in chaos and I need to go to sleep.

an update

Jun. 22nd, 2011 10:48 pm
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Omg, today was a crazy day, at work we had a huge ass fire near the plant. I'm also pissed that my dad coworkers is putting the blame on my daddy. *rage* Seriously, for a first job, it kind of exciting, one thing thinks I like working at the company is that I don't have to talk to whole lot of people. One thing I hate is that I end up with a sore back and bruises.

I don't know how I'm going to resolve my issues with driving. Panic attacks I hate them.

I'm off for the weekend so I can get caught up on my reading.
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Today is my day off, I work two days now and my body is sore. My job is okay but defiantly needed the rest since I never physically exert myself this much before. I had to get new shoes for work today (tiny blisters on my feet), and ate well cause parents took me to Friday's. Sister was sweet yesterday; she made me doctors and lay out my clothes so I didn't have to get them when I took a shower. My family can be awesome at times. Dad also gave me watermelon so I'm happy camper that is tired too.

A wicked storm is happening right now, the wind is blowing hard. I'm not reading anytime right now cause I'm tired. Right now listening to Blacking It Up podcast, love it.

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