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I probably drop off from the internet for little while, my dad is in the hospital. He going to be scheduled for open heart surgery, maybe on Friday if no further complications arise. I'm nervous wreck right now and trying not to breakdown. The drive to hospital is also not doing any favors with my anxiety.

I'm not going to class today but I will go tomorrow. I have to pick up my W2 and my dad’s bonus check tomorrow. I don't know what to do today.

Sharing happy music, videos, and/or anything to keep my mind off my troubles, I will appreciates it if you do.
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Bathroom drain is unclog, finally yeah. Pain medication is taken; Costochondritis is a bitch (It felt like I was having a heart attack or a serve panic attack at Target at all places).

My lovely mother found a part-time job and I nervously gathering courage to enroll into school to receive a diploma. Money I wish I had it so I paid for school, looking for a good loan is making sweat and cringe. Horrible researcher, I am truly can't seem to be able to used internet to find important information.

Making a decision to buy a Kindle or save my money for school is tough. Saving money that what I got to do.

My sister made have PCOS, scariness, maybe I shouldn't be afraid but anything medical make me feel scared. Her doctor apportionment is today. If she does have then I have to go get tested and my sister already she didn't like the specialist she seeing.(Test was inconclusive but she has to take metofmin.)

I'm enjoying my experience with pinboard. I’m still taking my time fixing my bookmarks but I very happy that I have all of them. Looking for more people to add my network, my interests tend to change every month so I need to find more multi-fannish people.

Posted new recs here.
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No longer have internet at home and I'm sad. Well I'm sad but not bc of the internet. Depression can you please go away.

I'm on my phone typing this, about to go to the doctor. Dad is not doing so well. Hopefully can have some good news later today.

eta. At the library, yeah for the glorious internet on a bigger screen, thank God. Doctor says my dad maybe have Thyroiditis. Ugh, why can't my family be healthy. My sister also went to see doctor today bc of missing periods. I pray it nothing serious like cancer. I hope everyone has their health.
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Tomorrow is my dad's surgery and I hoping for good things to happen. I check a whole bunch of books today so I'm going to read while I wait. Hopefully I don't get upset being in the hospital; put me on the list of people who doesn't like visiting there. My dad told me who going to be there for four days. I prod talk to him on the phone. My dad bff is coming over Saturday and I'm going to make lasagna.

Funeral place is run by jerks, just sayn'. I hate shady people. I'm happy that Delicious has a new owner. I'm going to start using Readability and see if it those some good, my eyes do lots of reading and I don't want to strain them.

I'm so excited for Captain America: First Avenger. Cap is my second favorite superhero ever; I can't wait to view it. The cgi team did a good job making Chris Evans looks so tiny.

Once I get my first paycheck, I'm going to splurge on Doctor Who DVDs, also totally spreading hints to my friends to get them for my birthday.

I'm sending out good vibes for Alabama since tornadoes torn up some parts of the state and hopefully no major tornadoes hit my home state GA. Though we are getting many thunderstorms and it is freaking hot. Humidity is not good for my hair.

fresh day

Apr. 26th, 2011 07:56 pm
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Listen: The Glitch Mob - A Dream Within A Dream; I like this track.

Today recs post in two parts: one and two

Walk a mile today with my mom, we going try to continue everyday maybe try to do it in the morning.

Funeral is going to be held on May 7 in Kissimmee, Florida plenty of time for family to get there. My uncle is in Hawaii and my cousin is in Afghanistan. My dad has surgery this Thursday. Hopefully there is not going to be any complications. I'm going to finally purchase some paid time in May for six months.

For Three Weeks For DW, I'm going to purchase paid time, post more regularly, and comment some more. I was thinking of making a comment rec post for fanvids on my journal but I don't feel up to do it.

river from car window view view of trees and a house: Jackson, GA me: sweaty looking from a walk

Question: What are your favourite home county film and/or foreign film? It doesn't matter the age of the film, just trying to build a new to watch list. (My answer is Fiddler on the Roof and Khalnayak.)

april post

Apr. 12th, 2011 11:43 pm
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Walking everyday is tough man, I gotten a tan and I love it. My grandma is not getting better and I running out of patience. I'm cleaning more than I have clean before. Made a new rec post and been watching a whole lot of fan vids today. Maybe I post a rec a fanvid post. My aunt is coming this weekend and I want to kill her.

I have a tumblr now. Where is my life coming too? *shakes head*

Kat Graham – "Sassy"

Zac Efron )

I can't stop staring at his face.

I'm happy that I have BBCA now so I can watch Doctor Who s6 when it premieres here in the States. I'm so excited to watch it.


Mar. 22nd, 2011 10:39 pm
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My cousin finally wrote to me and he told me I look good with make-up. Lol I miss that idiot. My grandma is still weak and she looks like she could go out any minute. I need to fix my sleep again and wean myself off the internet before my brain overload.

[misfits] untouchable by [ profile] crickets - Great Alisha character study in vid form, the song is so perfect and the editing is great.

I will miss Dwayne McDuffie.

Hilarious and I have to share it.
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disclaimer: getting back to writing is hard and i feel like an idiot.

I have been quiet on dreamwidth and livejounral for a whole long month. Wow I bet no one misses me. *jokily sarcastic* This post was supposed to be for November 1st but I got sidetracked painting my nails for no apparent reason and waiting for them to dry.

October was interesting month; I did lots of thinking and want through some changes in my daily life.

I took a step back from trying to force myself to write and to participate in fandom. I felt stress for some reason to try to be engaging so I stop let it go and go back to lurking. I didn't comment much anywhere and read whole ton of fanfiction.

I feel better now. Goal for this month is to step back from reading and gives some feedback.

(I think I was stressing myself over nothing. The internet is not real life.)

update is long and i started to exercise )

random movies times )

Livejournal plz continue to be skeezy. Another reason I don't want to hang out with you.


Sep. 14th, 2010 07:39 pm
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My grandma is out of the hospital today, yeah! The doctor prescribes some new medicines and reduce/remove her other medications. My grandma was in hospital for seven days but she says it felt like a month. Thank God she is out and hopefully going to recovery. Pic of my Grandma, Caption: Grandma back home and drinking her coffee. Tio Abi's comment: "Lol I knew she would do that when she got home"

Repeat Viewing: I keep re-watching Fight Club. I don't even like the movie but I did like the acting and the music. Brad Pitt is very sexy imo in this movie. I love it when he plays crazy characters, very enjoyable. Where is My Mind? by the Pixies is now stuck in my since I don't how many times I watch this movie in last few days but it was a lot.

Tough: I don’t have any clue how to start writing a cover letter and it stressing me out.

McFly: I love this goofy band. I can't wait for the new album and their short film "Nowhere Left to Run"; it looks so ridiculous and trashy. Harry gets to play as a vampire, a total badass looking vampire and getting laid. (My entertainment level is set so low, haha.) I can't wait for Super City site to come up in October. It looks pretty awesome to me. I dread at the thought of the cost of buying the CD but I so want a physical copy.

Here is a interview of them talking about their new album, the website, and their fans.

These guys are so adorable; I need to makes icons of their crazy faces. (Dougie is my favourite.)

My dad now has to inject insulin into his body now since his body is rejecting oral medication. I'm going to try to help him control his diet. My mom is piss at her doctor because she still doesn't know what wrong with her. Gosh, there are too many ill people in the house. Well no one is dead yet.
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RL: I'm tired very tired. I can't sleep and I'm trying to keep my mind occupied. I feel ill and I'm in crappy mood. My grandmother had to go back to the hospital because of congestive heart failure. (Last Friday we had to take to the ER, we thought it was just an asthma attack.) This will be the third day that she is in ICU.

I'm trying to stay positive. I'm upset that she didn't say anything about her discomfort. My aunt wants to come visit her, as if she truly cares. She was the one that should have taken care of her in Florida but now you care about your mother's health since she is not your responsibilities anymore. My mom told her that their mom is fine you don't need to waste your money. (Not exactly in those words and it's ironic that my tia will take a plane since she is notoriously cheap.)

Everyone but my sister is sick. Ugh!

Books: Last Saturday I got to meet Michelle Zink and was such a nice person to meet. I was totally shy but I usually like that with any new people. I got my copy of Guardian of the Gate sign and got some awesome bookmarks. At the Barnes & Noble I bought The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins paperback so I can reread the story again. Jealous that my sister bought Karakuridôji Ultimo: Volume One by Hiroyuki Takei. (It think it the only manga that I want to read more of even if its get ridiculous.)

BFFS: After the book signing and eating awesome food at Pollo Campero, my sister and I got drop off to hang out with our best friend Amber. I love hanging out with her, in her apartment goofing off and relaxing. We talk ridiculous shit and learn more things about each other. I miss seeing all of my friends at regular intervals; they totally lift my spirits up.

Hiatus Over

Sep. 3rd, 2010 01:04 am
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I'm looking for a face to attack. It could be there, a kiss and you're licked. You will not know because I'm laid back. So watch yourself, I come with a smack.

Damn it has been a while since I wrote or even check my dreamwidth (my livejournal too). The only social networking sites I check on my phone are Goodreads and Twitter and sometimes check on my Facebook. (Mobile web is not my preference of lurking so I don't.) Anybody on twitter? You can follow me if you active on it. :)

I'm going to try to update every Friday to get back into the swing of using this journal. I'm practicing my horrible spoken Spanish on my grandma.

Annoyance: My grandmother has been living with us for several weeks now and I want to kill her. She moves things around too much that its becoming a inconvenience to us (her medicines; the trash bag) and herself and she watches TV too much (and the volume is always loud). Then again, this week I had my period so my mood was horrible and anything annoy me.

Suckage is that my grandma is not able to see the doctor until her insurance card comes and she really needs to see one. Both of my parents are sick, but my dad is being in denial. I feel bad for my mom, giving her lots of hugs.

Computer Trouble: Drama I don't want to talk about it. My laptop is perfectly fine though.

Books: In July, I read four books and in August, I read nine books. I made shiny new read-book-list post. I may start posting book reviews on this journal and work on my English writing skills. (I have no idea where to start though.) Currently reading Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld (My dad bought me this book on my birthday but now in storage so I have to check it out of the library.)

Recs: I have been reading fic but I won't be posing any more recs on this journal. I'm using delicious to keep this journal from cluttering. Here is my July Recs and my August Recs.

I been listening to new music and you can find what is at my (New for me: VV Brown, Hot Chip, and The Knife)

I have never realized how much my mother knows my sister and me. My mom is the best, yo. Last weekend went to the flea market and spend nine dollars for four books (two for my sister and two for me) and Kurt Cobain lunchbox (that my mom saw and told me to get it). I can't wait to go back and get some more used books.

This Saturday going to Barnes & Noble Alpharetta store (76 mile trip north) to go to see Michelle Zink with my sister to get our books sign. We are excited since this our first book signing also going to stop by for the Decatur Book Festival. We going to drag our best friend Amber with us and celebrate her 21st birthday. (I want to go to Dragon-Con so bad maybe next Labor Day Weekend.)
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Gosh, it's been a while since I work an entry or even hang around dreamwidth. I might as well do an update.

Things are going well in my life kind of but it good to be alive.

I'm been busy trying to find a new place that can commodities my grandmother needs since she wants to move in with us. No one in Florida can or wants to take care of her, I don‘t know the whole story but she needs someone.

Also have to pack some stuff for storage (I will miss my books.) and do some clean up in the townhouse. I so don't want to leave my current place, it quite comfortable but my grandma can‘t use the stairs.

My mom says that my grandma really wants to go since she wants me come pick her up. She must be desperate if she wants me to drive.

I don't know how internet is going run at the new place but I think I‘m still going to get it.

I'm happy that I was able to hang out last weekend to celebrate my friend's birthday. I got a tan at the pool. Also, a few days ago I cut my left index finger with a knife it was deep but not that bad that I have to go to the hospital.

Today my mom got her new gun and we try to find a Smith & Wesson model 64 with no avail. Then we went and ate some garlic bagels.

Tomorrow is July 4th, Independence Day, and my mother is going to take me to go shooting at the gun range. I'm only going to shoot a revolver, which is short range.

I haven't watch any of new episodes of season 3 of True Blood yet. I do have the first three episodes downloaded though.
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My mom and I are going back to school. I don’t know if I should be excited. I hope that I can get a grant to paid for the tuition. *fingers cross*

A Good Day - Pics )
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This post is about my family and how awesome they are in pic form. My family is important. They are awesome in their support for me.

So we visit my grandma when my mom first got home from the army. My dad took pictures, he shot all these pics expect the last one, I think. I need to take a photo of him too, a great one for all the awesome one he took.

... )

Question: What can help headaches, cause the over-the-counter meds doesn’t seem to help. (Fever is gone at least.)


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