Mar. 1st, 2011 04:04 pm
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February was not a great month. I finally update my other journal. [Link]

My grandmother had a stroke and she doing much better now. Ugh, Real Life is getting in my way. I haven’t done much reading or commenting since I still don’t have internet because Hughes Net is an ass. I’m not comfortable using my mobile for the internet. I’m feeling pretty much lackluster.

Driving during a thunderstorm to my new place is seriously scary, yesterday totally proved that.

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disclaimer: getting back to writing is hard and i feel like an idiot.

I have been quiet on dreamwidth and livejounral for a whole long month. Wow I bet no one misses me. *jokily sarcastic* This post was supposed to be for November 1st but I got sidetracked painting my nails for no apparent reason and waiting for them to dry.

October was interesting month; I did lots of thinking and want through some changes in my daily life.

I took a step back from trying to force myself to write and to participate in fandom. I felt stress for some reason to try to be engaging so I stop let it go and go back to lurking. I didn't comment much anywhere and read whole ton of fanfiction.

I feel better now. Goal for this month is to step back from reading and gives some feedback.

(I think I was stressing myself over nothing. The internet is not real life.)

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Livejournal plz continue to be skeezy. Another reason I don't want to hang out with you.
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RL: I'm tired very tired. I can't sleep and I'm trying to keep my mind occupied. I feel ill and I'm in crappy mood. My grandmother had to go back to the hospital because of congestive heart failure. (Last Friday we had to take to the ER, we thought it was just an asthma attack.) This will be the third day that she is in ICU.

I'm trying to stay positive. I'm upset that she didn't say anything about her discomfort. My aunt wants to come visit her, as if she truly cares. She was the one that should have taken care of her in Florida but now you care about your mother's health since she is not your responsibilities anymore. My mom told her that their mom is fine you don't need to waste your money. (Not exactly in those words and it's ironic that my tia will take a plane since she is notoriously cheap.)

Everyone but my sister is sick. Ugh!

Books: Last Saturday I got to meet Michelle Zink and was such a nice person to meet. I was totally shy but I usually like that with any new people. I got my copy of Guardian of the Gate sign and got some awesome bookmarks. At the Barnes & Noble I bought The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins paperback so I can reread the story again. Jealous that my sister bought Karakuridôji Ultimo: Volume One by Hiroyuki Takei. (It think it the only manga that I want to read more of even if its get ridiculous.)

BFFS: After the book signing and eating awesome food at Pollo Campero, my sister and I got drop off to hang out with our best friend Amber. I love hanging out with her, in her apartment goofing off and relaxing. We talk ridiculous shit and learn more things about each other. I miss seeing all of my friends at regular intervals; they totally lift my spirits up.


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