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6 Reasons to watch Juno by [ profile] misst89 - Picspam

American Idol
stand back and watch you shine by [ profile] cinderlily - AU. Sequel to just another word for you. David Archuleta, former college student/former theater tech/former unknown and current something of American Idol Winner David Cook, has to figure out who he is and who he wants to be. The problem with growing up becomes deciding between what you want and what you need. His dream or Cook? Right on characterization of fandom!David Archuleta and I love that cinderlily just show not tell Archuleta/Cook relationship which makes it feel organic and gives the story a lot of room for plot even if it a fluffy plot. (25,000 words)

The Ribbons and the Rot by [personal profile] feverbeats - AU. "Robin," she says again, meeting his eyes even behind his mask. "As in Batman and. Better half and all that." The mixture of bitterness, the short to the point imagery and the frankness of the sex makes me love this fic. Nice quick read if you want some angst. (~10,376 words)

Dostana (6) )

Kal Ho Naa Ho (3) )

Marvel (2) )

OZ (3) )

Scooby Doo Where Are You! (TV 1969)
Haunting Things (Real and Fake) by [ profile] escritoireazul - Just as mysteries must be solved, some secrets must be kept. How can this be so heartbreaking and real? (1,889 words)

Star Trek XI
A Kind of Magic by [ profile] selinamoonfire - AU. Leonard McCoy never believed in magic until that belief was forced upon him. When Jim Kirk beamed down to Rosa, he never expected to find himself in the middle of a fairy tale. Seriously who doesn‘t enjoy fairy tale re-telling. (~33,843 words)

True Blood
Doll by [personal profile] green - Baby's first makeover. Awesomely believable with nice little details, Pam helping Jessica embraces her vampire-ness and Jessica slowly learning about herself. (1,500 words)

PS. I want a Gabourey Sidibe (icon) that will be fabulous, universe.
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Warning: I’m an abuser of adverbs.

American Idol
A Chance Contract by [ profile] timeisgone - A house, an opportunity, a contract, and everything in between. If you need something cute and funny to lift your spirits up, go read this story like now. (22,500+ words)

Collect Call by [ profile] sidhe_unseelie - With the door wide open, no one can leave. I almost forgot about this story, go read it for different perceptive on the recordings of Black Parade. (Frank is a scene-stealer. ;).) I got more to say on this story but go read it you want to read more Mikey/Ray stories. (12,164 words)

Fast and the Furious
Unfinished Business by [ profile] maygra - alternate ending. The adrenaline wore off long before they were done with him. This is one of the best Fast and the Furious story written on the net in my opinion. Also read Shifting Gears. (84,000 words)

Iron Man (2) )

The Mighty Boosh (2) )

Star Trek XI
A Child of Two Worlds by [personal profile] maxwrite - While on shore leave, Nyota and Spock discover how comfortable they are in their friendship after their break-up. Uhura and Spock are in character in this fic, the break up feels naturally and their friendship doesn’t seem false in anyway. Read if for the great characterization and some Scotty action. (13,376 words)

True Blood
Dilute by [personal profile] lim - fanvid! Awesome interchanging clips, colouring is amazing, wonderful song, and I can't wait for the new season.

the ghost in the room, or, why modesty is a dirty fucking word by [personal profile] synecdochic - Everyone one should or read this.

The Trust by [ profile] batdetective - Scans of the 8pg comic, The Trust
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Hello all. Long time no post, I think it feels like forever since I wrote anything here, and haven't post at anything on livejournal, either. Livejournal is pissing me off and I really don't want to talk about it.

I just want to state that fact why didn't I know the existence of Janelle Monáe.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (7) )

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True Blood (5) )
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The only skills I have the patience to learn are those that have no real application in life. -- Calvin

Recs + bonus commentaries

Avengers (2) )
Cable and Deadpool (4) )
DCU (19) )
Sky High (3) )
Star Trek XI (3) )
Supernatural (1) )
X-Men (3) )
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Gen (2) )
Bart/Kon/Tim (13) )
Bart/Kon (5) )
Bart/Tim (10) )
Dick/Roy (6) )
Vic/Gar (4) )
Various (18) )
Bruce/Clark (4) )
Hal/Ollie (3) )

Salt Point by [personal profile] gloss - pre-Crisis. Clark is doing his best to broaden his horizons. (~4,622 words)
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The Dark Knight
A Fair Trial by [ profile] rams_eng - A Fair Trial fan comic cover - pg 6

A Fair Trial by [ profile] rams_eng - A Fair Trial fan comic pg 7-14

Merlin (5) )
RPF (14) )
White Collar (7) )

The Vampire Diaries (TV)
This Modern Love by [ profile] luux_lu - fanmix. To be lost in the forest / To be cut adrift / You've been trying to reach me
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Nothing I do is my fault. -- Calvin

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House/Wilson (18) )

Dates Compiled: September 24, 2008 - October 22, 2008
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Original Posted Date: August 27, 2008
Last Updated September 10, 2008

Fall Out Boy (7) )
Andy/Joe (7) )
Pete/Joe (9) )
Joe/Patrick (2) )
Andy/Patrick (4) )
Pete/Patrick (30) )
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Multi-Bandom pt. 1 (17) )
Multi-Bandom pt. 2 (11) )
GCH/TAI (11) )
FOB/TAI (2) )
Cobra/TAI (2) )
Cobra/FOB (3) )
FOB/PatD (4) )
FOB/GCH (6) )
FOB/MCR (2) )
MCR/Used (4) )
PatD/TAI (8) )

simple when it is sweet by [ profile] gonnafeelgood - au. Sequel to 'the haves and have-nots'. Victoria doesn't go home with Travie the first night they meet. (~1,445 words)


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