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Last Friday was hectic, my Father's heart wasn't in great shape had to go to the hospital, a stent was done and my aunt came with her kids. Aunt and her kids got on my nerves and spoke my mind. Aunt cause some drama and was immature enough to post about it on Facebook. My period started when they left on Wednesday. I was glad to kick them out of here. I did a whole lot of cleaning and my grandmother is now combative. I hate that is not who she is but all I can to do is make whatever days left she have are good. I'm tired and I should get some sleep. I wasn't on the internet and I didn't post recs yesterday. I will make it up next week.

Still can’t read when I’m angry, glad that my mom is my mom, check out some books from the library, can always talk to my friend when I need an outlet. I walk every day, and glad I’m rockin a tan.

I hope this post make some sense since I’m both sleep deprived and haven't drank much water today.

WEBCOMIC I’m in love with it totally will spend money on this: Cura Te Ipsum written by Neal Bailey and drawn by Dexter Wee.

going crazy

Jun. 8th, 2010 10:29 pm
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I feel like I fallen off the face of the earth. I don't know why I hadn't been feeling well. I feel like I'm in funk. Thanks to certain someone now I'm totally, engross in delicious.

2 Fast 2 Furious (5) )

Roswell (6) )

Supernatural (3) )

The Tribe (2) )

Arabian Nights by NautilusL2 – fanart! In this picture, Mozenrath won. He got sexy!Jasmine to love/lust him back. Aladdin lost, the kingdom is his, er... (This was my favorite pairing when I was a kid.)

The Covenant
It's So Easy by [ profile] suckmyspock - PWP. Reid finds Pogue half-under a car in the garage he works at, and he can't help but have a little fun with the older boy. LMAO (1,682 words)

Harry Potter
Bent by [ profile] lizardspots - fanart!

The Hacker & The Thief by [ profile] renisanz - a Parker/Hardison Ship Manifesto (I'm in love with this pairing and I haven't seen the show.)

My Gus/Shawn love, let me share it. by [personal profile] trascendenza - rec list. Or, the results of my trawling through every Gus/Shawn link on delicious. With a few gen fic recs thrown in for fun.

The Warriors
The Ajax Series; Previous Parts by [ profile] suckmyspock - AU. Ajax, a former Rogues gang member, is in a bit of a jam when one of the Warriors shows up. This series has a perfectly written Ajax with a bonus side of UST between Swan and Ajax. I wish there is more Warriors fan fiction seriously; I'm in love with the guys in the movie. (12,269 words)

I will be moving in a few months. Gah! I don't want my internet to go.
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Hello all. Long time no post, I think it feels like forever since I wrote anything here, and haven't post at anything on livejournal, either. Livejournal is pissing me off and I really don't want to talk about it.

I just want to state that fact why didn't I know the existence of Janelle Monáe.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (7) )

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RPF (4) )

True Blood (5) )
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The Dark Knight
A Fair Trial by [ profile] rams_eng - A Fair Trial fan comic cover - pg 6

A Fair Trial by [ profile] rams_eng - A Fair Trial fan comic pg 7-14

Merlin (5) )
RPF (14) )
White Collar (7) )

The Vampire Diaries (TV)
This Modern Love by [ profile] luux_lu - fanmix. To be lost in the forest / To be cut adrift / You've been trying to reach me


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