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Apr. 12th, 2011 11:43 pm
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Walking everyday is tough man, I gotten a tan and I love it. My grandma is not getting better and I running out of patience. I'm cleaning more than I have clean before. Made a new rec post and been watching a whole lot of fan vids today. Maybe I post a rec a fanvid post. My aunt is coming this weekend and I want to kill her.

I have a tumblr now. Where is my life coming too? *shakes head*

Kat Graham – "Sassy"

Zac Efron )

I can't stop staring at his face.

I'm happy that I have BBCA now so I can watch Doctor Who s6 when it premieres here in the States. I'm so excited to watch it.
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Adele - Rolling in the Deep

I can't wait for this album to come out in March/April, I can't even explain why right now. :D

End of the Year Music List )

Dudes, I want to re-watch Lethal Weapon like something fierce for some reason. I don't know if I even like the film, I just want to watch an action movie. I think my mind move too fast for me to stay still and write up a post. It's amusing seeing my self try. Family coming was hectic and family here is driving me up the wall. At least no one is dying rapidly anytime soon.

Inception, you insane fandom, I cave and read a whole bunch of fic and still haven't seen the movie. *shakes my head* I can't wait for January 24 to come already to read some awesome inception bigbang fics I keep hearing about from some authors I want to continue reading from. (I'm excited reader even though I haven't read anything yet.)

Doctor Who series five is wow. I download and watch so much in two days. The downloading of the last two episodes is going slow and it's making me sad. This show makes me smile so much. (I'm kind of in love with River Song, and I love this show. Amy is my other favorite too.)
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- I'm jamming to Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty album. (Favourite Tracks: Fo Yo Sorrows & Shine Blockas) I'm in love with it and this is how I like my hip-hop to sound. I need to listen to more funk but no idea where to start. Another album I'm loving at the moment is Flamingo by Brandon Flowers. (Favourite Tracks: Swallow It & I Came Here To Get Over You) I'm listening to back to back. I don't know what that says about my taste.

- I upload My Chemical Romance's Art is The Weapon video for anyone that wants to download it and watch it a bunch of times. I'm excited to hear such a new sound from these guys and gosh, everyone is so adorable in the video.

- Pete's new band Black Cards sound a bit like The Real Tuesday Weld but with a female vocalist. I totally dig it since I’m big fan of reggae and ska music and electro-pop mashup with reggae I can dig it.

- Everyone in my place is still sick. Grandma is going to doctor tomorrow again. Mom's mysterious illness is still not solve. I gain four pounds but my dad lost four makes me laugh.

- My hair is a freaking mystery guys. (I always feel like I'm having bad hair day. I don't have any ideas about taking care of my hair and suddenly it all long now.) I'm getting compliments on how shiny & black it is and I still don't know how it’s doing it. Or maybe it all in my head that my hair is totally low maintenance and I'm bless with good genetics. (I just want to cut it all off.)

- I'm driving myself crazy trying to find a layout I like to see on my journal. I always want to add a header that I found and really like. But I’m sucking at figuring out CSS. I will try to figure it out soon.

Fight Club Recs (6) )
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I did some clean up in this journal, delete entries I deem unimportant and useless. Fix videos links and still working on fixing download links. Most entries in this journal are recs but hopefully will end up with entries fill with my self-expression and personal endeavors. I don't what to make any entries private. I don't feel like I have to hide my self.

I'm so OCD about organizing things be it tags, something about clutter that seem to get to me, especially when I paying the least amount of attention.

♣ I watch I'ma Be Me, Wanda Sykes HBO special, yesterday and I'm loving it. She just fabulous and still undecided on watching her show late-night talk show. I don't watch tv much anymore since nothing seem to catch my attention.

♣ Just watch Just Wright, a movie that going to star Queen Latifah and Common, and I can't wait for this movie to come out. Common is so fucking hot in this move, Queen Latifah is looking fine in this film too and they seem to have chemistry in the movie. I don’t even know when it coming out.

♣ My sister and I can wait to see Aladin. We love cheesy, bad movie it our crack.

Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton, I still love this novel, it gets to me and never met anyone that every read it or hadn't enjoy it like I had. I still haven't read The Age of Innocence & The House of Mirth, but eventually I will read them.

♣ I feel the need to pimp this great podcast I’m listening to called Better in the Dark. The guys, Thomas Deja and Derrick Ferguson, are seriously funny and knowledgeable about movies, comics, and various other things. I learn about various movie genres and wishing I got Netflix so I can watch some of movies they discuss about. Seriously, guys check them out.
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Tightrope by Janelle Monáe, Go watch her music video. The girl can dance, man I wish I can move like that. Can wait for her album to come out in May. Download from Metropolis The Chase Suite

♣ Ugh, I have to make plans to go to Guatemala (for a week in June or September). I wish we can travel by teleporter, seriously, I need to get a passport and whole bunch of other stuff. It be cool to go there since the last time I been there I was a toddler.


Addams Family
Those Who Favor by [livejournal.com profile] solarbaby614 - fanart! Courtship takes on a whole new meaning.

Blade Trinity
Love, Anonymous by [livejournal.com profile] kristories - "Okay, ew," Abigail says. Hannibal looks over at her curiously. She's holding up a whip, with a bow. (~640 words)

The Delivery Boy At The End Of The World by Ijemanja - Leela would never sleep with Fry - not even if he was the last guy on the planet. Until he is. I read this a few years ago and just able to find it again. I still adore the story today. Fry/Leela will always have a silly place in my heart. (~1,182 words)

Iron Man
Ready To Snap by [livejournal.com profile] nyghtpet - Tony reaps the benefits of Rhodey's bad day. Damn, Rhodes can do whatever he wants with me too if he having a bad day. (~901 words)

Bedtime Story by [livejournal.com profile] eve_k - movie-verse fancomic! Kinks. Base on [livejournal.com profile] cycnus39's Bedtime Story. Stars are in my eyes with this fancomic; fabulously done, the details and the light coloring, everything was done beautifully. Gosh, go read it.

Johnny Test
An Awesome Deal by [livejournal.com profile] haku_kaen - The girls were heading to college in less than a week, ready to take their first steps towards the day when the government might actually fund their projects instead of just showing up to beg for them once they were complete. In preparation for leaving they'd called Johnny in to offer him a deal. (~810 words)

Thirty-Second Annual American College of Surgeons Clinical Symposium, Cincinnati by Lyra - post-series. Surgical conventions would be a great thing, thought Hawkeye, as he finally reached the front of the line, if it weren't for all the bloody surgeons clogging up the works. Which is why he swore he would never go. Pitch Perfect. (~8,490 words)

OZ (3) )

True Blood
Misinterpreted by queen125 - Sequel to Mistaken. Eric knows what he saw in the store. He knows Bill wants him, but will Bill convince him that he's got the situation all wrong? Seriously, why can't True Blood fans see the potential between Bill & Eric? Don't be mistaken I still like Sookie but by herself for some reason and Eric is the fandom bicycle anyway. (~2,690 words)

Paying the Price by EricFancier - Eric will do Bill a favor. But not for free... (~1,680 words)
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1) A video that makes me happy.

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass

2) My sister made me coffee, yay!

3) I’m like totally busy procrastinating and not living an outside existence. But it okay, it Spring Break. I have the right to stay inside.

4) I been fixing links on old recs post: getting rid of the ones that are locked, no longer in existences, etcs.

5) Omg! I think OZ is going to take over my mind. Must find a way to watch this show legitimately.
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Gosh, I haven’t post in a while. I’m feeling horrible; my face is like dry & red, probably an allergic reaction. I don’t know what to do with it.

I’m been reading The Dream Merchant by Isabel Hoving, the book is translated from Dutch. It very long read (over 600 pages) and good enough to distract me away from the computer.

Saturday, my dad took me out to eat at the Chinese restaurant near the train tracks. It was delicious, a bit salty, but it was great. It makes me sad that there are not enough good Chinese places around my area.

I think Monday was a great day. I slept in, which is always awesome, and my dad made me drive. We went out to eat at Olive Garden (2-1) and went to Marble Slab Creamery (3-0) for desert.

I always have fun shopping with my dad. I realize that without my mom in the house, we vote like a democracy. I like that my dad listen to me about my views & opinions of the world. Like I think human beings take for granted that we are human beings. We should be able to use our big brains and not act like animals.

I’m in a weird state. My sister was like amaze that I could rant about three things that tick me off at one time. I actually felt like I was on my period because I was so angry that I feel like I need to voice my thoughts.

Five things that make me rant @ home bc I’m nice: Science, Politics, Religion, YA Books (was Anime/Manga) & Gender. Really, I will never try to rant in this journal. One of the reasons is that I don’t want to offend anyone and the second is that I feel better speaking then writing.

I rather have a discussion over the phone then the internet, even though I hate talking on the phone.

Also bought my mom some stuff for her birthday. Also I'm going to my uncle's house to give him a cake on his birthday. We also got him a Hoops & YoYo.

Also got a Thanksgiving theme Hoops & YoYo card for my friend Ailsa. I miss my best friend. I love my other friends but she the only one that let me have pseudo-intellectual conversation.

I really enjoy Lily Allen new music videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWjNFC-FinU
Also I like her 1970's wig in "Not Fair".

Old Pics

Jul. 8th, 2008 12:12 am
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“Can’t Tell Me Nothin” - Kayne West

Look at some pics of mine )
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I took a really long nap and didn’t went to church. My family left me and wonder how I can sleep like a rock. Since it is Sunday I didn’t do a whole lot. Ten more days till I move to my new place. I going to miss my friend Athena 18th birthday. Too bad I won’t be 18 till December and I will go to the club in Atlanta with her. When I move I think I’m going to have a sleep over with all my friends visiting my new place.

Because I’m moving I don’t know the day I be back online.

I need to return a coffee mug back to my friend place. I really like the mug but I don’t think she let me keep it.

Tengo que encontrar este artista italiano de música Amber mi amigo me hizo escuchar y compartir su música. I will post the music video.

Tiziano Ferro - Desde Mañana: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR5t0yqj7cI

The song is very sad and it about a bad relationship with a good friend.


Apr. 2nd, 2008 07:11 pm
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Listen to her. She makes me want to take French and to dance up and down.
Yelle - French electronic pop

I can wait for this year summer movies.
1) Dark Knight
2) Forbidden Kingdom
3) more…

Mi hermana está en la búsqueda de un empleo. No voy a graduarse de la escuela secundaria este año. Sólo tengo que tomar más clases de Inglés. Nadie está molesto conmigo, y que es todo bueno. La gente que me conoce sabe que quiero que mi labio perforar y conseguir un tatuaje en mi espalda de mi décimo octavo cumpleaños. Tuve un ensayo español de hoy. Omar estaba hablando de Maria pelo trenzado en clase. Omar quiere dueño de una barbería. Él es un tío muy divertido. Todo el mundo a mi alrededor está cansado. Mis amigos están listos para ir a la escuela a ser más.


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