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Apr. 26th, 2011 07:56 pm
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Listen: The Glitch Mob - A Dream Within A Dream; I like this track.

Today recs post in two parts: one and two

Walk a mile today with my mom, we going try to continue everyday maybe try to do it in the morning.

Funeral is going to be held on May 7 in Kissimmee, Florida plenty of time for family to get there. My uncle is in Hawaii and my cousin is in Afghanistan. My dad has surgery this Thursday. Hopefully there is not going to be any complications. I'm going to finally purchase some paid time in May for six months.

For Three Weeks For DW, I'm going to purchase paid time, post more regularly, and comment some more. I was thinking of making a comment rec post for fanvids on my journal but I don't feel up to do it.

river from car window view view of trees and a house: Jackson, GA me: sweaty looking from a walk

Question: What are your favourite home county film and/or foreign film? It doesn't matter the age of the film, just trying to build a new to watch list. (My answer is Fiddler on the Roof and Khalnayak.)
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Adele - Rolling in the Deep

I can't wait for this album to come out in March/April, I can't even explain why right now. :D

End of the Year Music List )

Dudes, I want to re-watch Lethal Weapon like something fierce for some reason. I don't know if I even like the film, I just want to watch an action movie. I think my mind move too fast for me to stay still and write up a post. It's amusing seeing my self try. Family coming was hectic and family here is driving me up the wall. At least no one is dying rapidly anytime soon.

Inception, you insane fandom, I cave and read a whole bunch of fic and still haven't seen the movie. *shakes my head* I can't wait for January 24 to come already to read some awesome inception bigbang fics I keep hearing about from some authors I want to continue reading from. (I'm excited reader even though I haven't read anything yet.)

Doctor Who series five is wow. I download and watch so much in two days. The downloading of the last two episodes is going slow and it's making me sad. This show makes me smile so much. (I'm kind of in love with River Song, and I love this show. Amy is my other favorite too.)
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- I'm jamming to Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty album. (Favourite Tracks: Fo Yo Sorrows & Shine Blockas) I'm in love with it and this is how I like my hip-hop to sound. I need to listen to more funk but no idea where to start. Another album I'm loving at the moment is Flamingo by Brandon Flowers. (Favourite Tracks: Swallow It & I Came Here To Get Over You) I'm listening to back to back. I don't know what that says about my taste.

- I upload My Chemical Romance's Art is The Weapon video for anyone that wants to download it and watch it a bunch of times. I'm excited to hear such a new sound from these guys and gosh, everyone is so adorable in the video.

- Pete's new band Black Cards sound a bit like The Real Tuesday Weld but with a female vocalist. I totally dig it since I’m big fan of reggae and ska music and electro-pop mashup with reggae I can dig it.

- Everyone in my place is still sick. Grandma is going to doctor tomorrow again. Mom's mysterious illness is still not solve. I gain four pounds but my dad lost four makes me laugh.

- My hair is a freaking mystery guys. (I always feel like I'm having bad hair day. I don't have any ideas about taking care of my hair and suddenly it all long now.) I'm getting compliments on how shiny & black it is and I still don't know how it’s doing it. Or maybe it all in my head that my hair is totally low maintenance and I'm bless with good genetics. (I just want to cut it all off.)

- I'm driving myself crazy trying to find a layout I like to see on my journal. I always want to add a header that I found and really like. But I’m sucking at figuring out CSS. I will try to figure it out soon.

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Sep. 14th, 2010 07:39 pm
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My grandma is out of the hospital today, yeah! The doctor prescribes some new medicines and reduce/remove her other medications. My grandma was in hospital for seven days but she says it felt like a month. Thank God she is out and hopefully going to recovery. Pic of my Grandma, Caption: Grandma back home and drinking her coffee. Tio Abi's comment: "Lol I knew she would do that when she got home"

Repeat Viewing: I keep re-watching Fight Club. I don't even like the movie but I did like the acting and the music. Brad Pitt is very sexy imo in this movie. I love it when he plays crazy characters, very enjoyable. Where is My Mind? by the Pixies is now stuck in my since I don't how many times I watch this movie in last few days but it was a lot.

Tough: I don’t have any clue how to start writing a cover letter and it stressing me out.

McFly: I love this goofy band. I can't wait for the new album and their short film "Nowhere Left to Run"; it looks so ridiculous and trashy. Harry gets to play as a vampire, a total badass looking vampire and getting laid. (My entertainment level is set so low, haha.) I can't wait for Super City site to come up in October. It looks pretty awesome to me. I dread at the thought of the cost of buying the CD but I so want a physical copy.

Here is a interview of them talking about their new album, the website, and their fans.

These guys are so adorable; I need to makes icons of their crazy faces. (Dougie is my favourite.)

My dad now has to inject insulin into his body now since his body is rejecting oral medication. I'm going to try to help him control his diet. My mom is piss at her doctor because she still doesn't know what wrong with her. Gosh, there are too many ill people in the house. Well no one is dead yet.

Hiatus Over

Sep. 3rd, 2010 01:04 am
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I'm looking for a face to attack. It could be there, a kiss and you're licked. You will not know because I'm laid back. So watch yourself, I come with a smack.

Damn it has been a while since I wrote or even check my dreamwidth (my livejournal too). The only social networking sites I check on my phone are Goodreads and Twitter and sometimes check on my Facebook. (Mobile web is not my preference of lurking so I don't.) Anybody on twitter? You can follow me if you active on it. :)

I'm going to try to update every Friday to get back into the swing of using this journal. I'm practicing my horrible spoken Spanish on my grandma.

Annoyance: My grandmother has been living with us for several weeks now and I want to kill her. She moves things around too much that its becoming a inconvenience to us (her medicines; the trash bag) and herself and she watches TV too much (and the volume is always loud). Then again, this week I had my period so my mood was horrible and anything annoy me.

Suckage is that my grandma is not able to see the doctor until her insurance card comes and she really needs to see one. Both of my parents are sick, but my dad is being in denial. I feel bad for my mom, giving her lots of hugs.

Computer Trouble: Drama I don't want to talk about it. My laptop is perfectly fine though.

Books: In July, I read four books and in August, I read nine books. I made shiny new read-book-list post. I may start posting book reviews on this journal and work on my English writing skills. (I have no idea where to start though.) Currently reading Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld (My dad bought me this book on my birthday but now in storage so I have to check it out of the library.)

Recs: I have been reading fic but I won't be posing any more recs on this journal. I'm using delicious to keep this journal from cluttering. Here is my July Recs and my August Recs.

I been listening to new music and you can find what is at my (New for me: VV Brown, Hot Chip, and The Knife)

I have never realized how much my mother knows my sister and me. My mom is the best, yo. Last weekend went to the flea market and spend nine dollars for four books (two for my sister and two for me) and Kurt Cobain lunchbox (that my mom saw and told me to get it). I can't wait to go back and get some more used books.

This Saturday going to Barnes & Noble Alpharetta store (76 mile trip north) to go to see Michelle Zink with my sister to get our books sign. We are excited since this our first book signing also going to stop by for the Decatur Book Festival. We going to drag our best friend Amber with us and celebrate her 21st birthday. (I want to go to Dragon-Con so bad maybe next Labor Day Weekend.)
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Tightrope by Janelle Monáe, Go watch her music video. The girl can dance, man I wish I can move like that. Can wait for her album to come out in May. Download from Metropolis The Chase Suite

♣ Ugh, I have to make plans to go to Guatemala (for a week in June or September). I wish we can travel by teleporter, seriously, I need to get a passport and whole bunch of other stuff. It be cool to go there since the last time I been there I was a toddler.


Addams Family
Those Who Favor by [ profile] solarbaby614 - fanart! Courtship takes on a whole new meaning.

Blade Trinity
Love, Anonymous by [ profile] kristories - "Okay, ew," Abigail says. Hannibal looks over at her curiously. She's holding up a whip, with a bow. (~640 words)

The Delivery Boy At The End Of The World by Ijemanja - Leela would never sleep with Fry - not even if he was the last guy on the planet. Until he is. I read this a few years ago and just able to find it again. I still adore the story today. Fry/Leela will always have a silly place in my heart. (~1,182 words)

Iron Man
Ready To Snap by [ profile] nyghtpet - Tony reaps the benefits of Rhodey's bad day. Damn, Rhodes can do whatever he wants with me too if he having a bad day. (~901 words)

Bedtime Story by [ profile] eve_k - movie-verse fancomic! Kinks. Base on [ profile] cycnus39's Bedtime Story. Stars are in my eyes with this fancomic; fabulously done, the details and the light coloring, everything was done beautifully. Gosh, go read it.

Johnny Test
An Awesome Deal by [ profile] haku_kaen - The girls were heading to college in less than a week, ready to take their first steps towards the day when the government might actually fund their projects instead of just showing up to beg for them once they were complete. In preparation for leaving they'd called Johnny in to offer him a deal. (~810 words)

Thirty-Second Annual American College of Surgeons Clinical Symposium, Cincinnati by Lyra - post-series. Surgical conventions would be a great thing, thought Hawkeye, as he finally reached the front of the line, if it weren't for all the bloody surgeons clogging up the works. Which is why he swore he would never go. Pitch Perfect. (~8,490 words)

OZ (3) )

True Blood
Misinterpreted by queen125 - Sequel to Mistaken. Eric knows what he saw in the store. He knows Bill wants him, but will Bill convince him that he's got the situation all wrong? Seriously, why can't True Blood fans see the potential between Bill & Eric? Don't be mistaken I still like Sookie but by herself for some reason and Eric is the fandom bicycle anyway. (~2,690 words)

Paying the Price by EricFancier - Eric will do Bill a favor. But not for free... (~1,680 words)
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Hello all. Long time no post, I think it feels like forever since I wrote anything here, and haven't post at anything on livejournal, either. Livejournal is pissing me off and I really don't want to talk about it.

I just want to state that fact why didn't I know the existence of Janelle Monáe.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (7) )

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I'm tired from lack of proper sleep and I feel sick.

This is me being random: Seriously how much of the Beatles can I listen to at a time? I don't know their music makes me happy but not like the Beach Boys. I must never have mention that I really like the Beach Boys. It just my type of pop music. I just got into the Beatles, I been listening to their albums. My favorite is Help! at this very moment. I have lots to said about the Beatles but I don't want to bored anyone.

Seriously I think I'm going through a weird musical journey and have no idea where I'm going to stop for the day.

Today, I was listening to Fall Out Boy nonstop.

I'm in love with Juan Son, at this very moment. Listen to the song, this a fair warning the music is experimental but very catchy. He from Guadalajara, Mexico and think he really sexy.

His Face )

LISTEN to Mermaid Sashimi – Juan Son

Lyrics )

I think I need to eat some chicken soup.
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I feel like I’m at a weird place when dealing with the internet. I don’t what to do with myself and I don’t feel like writing about my life. I usually have an all right ability to write about my daily life but I feel like I’m in a bubble, about to go into cabin fever. best place for me to shop online but I hate reading the reviews. Just is get me upset and not only on things I like in the store. I should never read any online reviews unless it a blog I trust.

For a week and half I’m been listening to massive amount of the Beatles, I don’t know why, and it the first time I listen to any of their albums. They make really good pop songs. I don’t have a favorite album at the moment.

It is weird that I only listen to Christmas songs on the radio and have two or three in my music library.

Also, I don’t think anyone on the internet will know my opinions on anything unless they call me. I have lots of thoughts on many subjects and only my family gets to hear it. I’m glad that I can talk about anything with my family because I hate to upset anyone with my views. Also, I feel too young to understand the world. I’m not worldly, still pretty shelter, and think I need some time to truly understand me.

I’m about to be nineteen in a few days and I feel sick in body & mind.

I bought Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld and check out from the library: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, The Last Apprentice Book One: Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney, and Stranger in a Strange Land (Original Uncut) by Robert A. Heinlein

PS. Do anyone of you ever been in the mood to just say 'fuck you world' for messing with your head?
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I have a fun time over the weekend at my friend Amber's place. Athena & Amber got me to watch the first season of True Blood. That show is serious crack and probably my favorite lmao show. It has everything you can think of and maybe I download the second season. Lafayette, Tara, & Sam are my favorite characters. I like to point out that the True Blood opening is all kinds of awesome. The song is great too. So here a download of the song.

Favorite part of White Collar 1.01.

Going to watch the second episode tonight hopefully.

Remember Counting Games. I still use them to day to figure out what to choose at anything. Great place to get Quotes for Writers. Nice Prompt Generator to get off a writer's block. A great thing to send to friends, give Blog Awards. For any of my writer's friends that need a pick up read about Famous Rejections. My favorite blog to find about new books in the young adult book world (UK & US), go read cityofbooks.

Here some links to artists I like to buy pieces from if I had money.
Oliver and the Elder.
Travis Louie.
Audrey Kawasaki.

Article that better describe my feeling on the Twilight Saga. First two was okay.

I don't know I think I'm the love to hate this series. My sister & I already found books that are way better than Twilight. I like to pimp Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink. Omg this book is my favorite for this year.
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The 7 days meme

day one • a song
day two • a picture
day three • a book/ebook/fanfic
day four • a site
day five • a youtube clip
day six • a quote

day seven • whatever tickles your fancy

Day Seven

"As Bineeta concluded, it was no fun being a good girl and too much hard work with clothes, make up, keeping slim, and smiling at boring parties to be a good-time girl.

"I'll be neither," she ended firmly. "One can have the pleasure of both though. I'm going to be me."

- Good Girls Are Bad News, Subhadra Sen Gupta


Here a link to my favorite radio station. Of course it a college station from Georgia State University and is full of interesting music.



Yes, You Are. Because I believe in, support, look fondly on, hope for, and/or work towards equality of the sexes.


I need to stop messing around with my layout. I don't feel satisfy with it. I change my userpics also. I feel the urge to change everything around me.

I probably need to rearrange my room to get rid of this feeling.
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I love Mika first album, Life in Cartoon Motion and this second album The Boy Who Knew Too Much is just as good as the first but the beats are more slower. So it the not the crazy dance all over the place but he says he wrote this album based on his teenage years and the entire feeling of it exactly that.

I love his musical style and he one of favorite pop musician.
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I took a really long nap and didn’t went to church. My family left me and wonder how I can sleep like a rock. Since it is Sunday I didn’t do a whole lot. Ten more days till I move to my new place. I going to miss my friend Athena 18th birthday. Too bad I won’t be 18 till December and I will go to the club in Atlanta with her. When I move I think I’m going to have a sleep over with all my friends visiting my new place.

Because I’m moving I don’t know the day I be back online.

I need to return a coffee mug back to my friend place. I really like the mug but I don’t think she let me keep it.

Tengo que encontrar este artista italiano de música Amber mi amigo me hizo escuchar y compartir su música. I will post the music video.

Tiziano Ferro - Desde Mañana:

The song is very sad and it about a bad relationship with a good friend.
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Die Toten Hosen a German band that I currently listening to see if I should check them out some more.

Give me some more punk rock lol.

Gah, I can’t stand Georgia summer without air conditioning in the apartment. The weather is making me very grumpy & sleepy. No wonder most summers I’m asleep for long period of time.

June 3rd will mark my second year of using live journal.

I’m trying to work with my muse to start writing more of random ideas. Why muse, why do you leave me all the time. Bandom you rot my brain.

Packing my apartment seems to take forever. I think my brain wants to take a vacation but my body must find a job to maintain my simple lifestyle. Ragion told me take college students can get food stamps. I told my mom that I would not forget to eat. Yes I would not starve myself to save money.

I hope that I won’t procrastinate to much in college. If I finish college on time I wish to move to New Jersey near my crazy side(Puerto Ricans) of my family. My family like live barely a few miles from NYC but the traffic is hell on earth. Atlanta got nothing on New York. I love Atlanta because is cleaner then New York and still have a lot of places to hang out.

I don’t know if I should transfer to Georgia state after going to Gordon.

My mom got an address to this place for me to buy Indian music. Yeah I love her for knowing my taste. My forgot to take me to this Indian market in Florida for me to buy cds. I have not see any new movies out in India. I’m not ashamed to said I love bollywood.

Cute )
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Yesterday I slept the whole night away. So today I was hype up. Magan was in school Tuesday for her last day in the hell hole. She going to start nigh school. I was shock by the new that she is pregnant with Moose’s baby. I over it now. I made her happy with my frog socks. She really hates ELHS. She told me she brought her weave for her cosplay. She going to be Sephiroth (FF vii). I also listen to a new band she hook to now.

Me and my friends are losers.
Ailsa is B-day Loser.
Yazzy is Crazy Loser.
I was Loser but Ails add hot and Yazzy wrote sexy (lol) on my notebook.
Ana is the Psycho Loser.
Athena did not partake in the name picking.

Ana, my siter keeps making crack names for aliases when we go somewhere. Happy next week is my last week in ELHS.

Happy that I have plans for Friday and Saturday to go out. Listening to some of old An Café songs are bringing back memories for me. I’m sad that I don’t have the Magnya Carta CD. I think about getting their new CD. *_* Import prices. Also I need good pics of the band to put on an Antic Café music post. I want to spread the love.


Apr. 2nd, 2008 07:11 pm
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Listen to her. She makes me want to take French and to dance up and down.
Yelle - French electronic pop

I can wait for this year summer movies.
1) Dark Knight
2) Forbidden Kingdom
3) more…

Mi hermana está en la búsqueda de un empleo. No voy a graduarse de la escuela secundaria este año. Sólo tengo que tomar más clases de Inglés. Nadie está molesto conmigo, y que es todo bueno. La gente que me conoce sabe que quiero que mi labio perforar y conseguir un tatuaje en mi espalda de mi décimo octavo cumpleaños. Tuve un ensayo español de hoy. Omar estaba hablando de Maria pelo trenzado en clase. Omar quiere dueño de una barbería. Él es un tío muy divertido. Todo el mundo a mi alrededor está cansado. Mis amigos están listos para ir a la escuela a ser más.


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