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Just receive my paid account for a whole year, yeah. First time I ever brought time for myself ever and I'm all excited for more icons. Wednesday and Thursday is my last days to work at Tensar. Researching and thinking about application process for school is driving my ass wild. I'm freaking out. I don't know what to do and I'm totally out of it.

Sunday at work I was melting, I didn't know I could sweat like that. I'm not even going to tell what the temperature I was working in just hot to never work in that condition again in my life; glad my time is almost over. Nervous to get another job though.

Post new recs and upload whole bunch of account on my other account. About to change my mood theme once I upload the photos.

My mom and sister bought me Circle of Fire by Michelle Zink and The Great Gatsby (One of my favorites).

I think I'm going to buy myself a Kindle, but I should save for school, tough decisions.
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- I'm jamming to Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty album. (Favourite Tracks: Fo Yo Sorrows & Shine Blockas) I'm in love with it and this is how I like my hip-hop to sound. I need to listen to more funk but no idea where to start. Another album I'm loving at the moment is Flamingo by Brandon Flowers. (Favourite Tracks: Swallow It & I Came Here To Get Over You) I'm listening to back to back. I don't know what that says about my taste.

- I upload My Chemical Romance's Art is The Weapon video for anyone that wants to download it and watch it a bunch of times. I'm excited to hear such a new sound from these guys and gosh, everyone is so adorable in the video.

- Pete's new band Black Cards sound a bit like The Real Tuesday Weld but with a female vocalist. I totally dig it since I’m big fan of reggae and ska music and electro-pop mashup with reggae I can dig it.

- Everyone in my place is still sick. Grandma is going to doctor tomorrow again. Mom's mysterious illness is still not solve. I gain four pounds but my dad lost four makes me laugh.

- My hair is a freaking mystery guys. (I always feel like I'm having bad hair day. I don't have any ideas about taking care of my hair and suddenly it all long now.) I'm getting compliments on how shiny & black it is and I still don't know how it’s doing it. Or maybe it all in my head that my hair is totally low maintenance and I'm bless with good genetics. (I just want to cut it all off.)

- I'm driving myself crazy trying to find a layout I like to see on my journal. I always want to add a header that I found and really like. But I’m sucking at figuring out CSS. I will try to figure it out soon.

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Sep. 3rd, 2010 01:04 am
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I'm looking for a face to attack. It could be there, a kiss and you're licked. You will not know because I'm laid back. So watch yourself, I come with a smack.

Damn it has been a while since I wrote or even check my dreamwidth (my livejournal too). The only social networking sites I check on my phone are Goodreads and Twitter and sometimes check on my Facebook. (Mobile web is not my preference of lurking so I don't.) Anybody on twitter? You can follow me if you active on it. :)

I'm going to try to update every Friday to get back into the swing of using this journal. I'm practicing my horrible spoken Spanish on my grandma.

Annoyance: My grandmother has been living with us for several weeks now and I want to kill her. She moves things around too much that its becoming a inconvenience to us (her medicines; the trash bag) and herself and she watches TV too much (and the volume is always loud). Then again, this week I had my period so my mood was horrible and anything annoy me.

Suckage is that my grandma is not able to see the doctor until her insurance card comes and she really needs to see one. Both of my parents are sick, but my dad is being in denial. I feel bad for my mom, giving her lots of hugs.

Computer Trouble: Drama I don't want to talk about it. My laptop is perfectly fine though.

Books: In July, I read four books and in August, I read nine books. I made shiny new read-book-list post. I may start posting book reviews on this journal and work on my English writing skills. (I have no idea where to start though.) Currently reading Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld (My dad bought me this book on my birthday but now in storage so I have to check it out of the library.)

Recs: I have been reading fic but I won't be posing any more recs on this journal. I'm using delicious to keep this journal from cluttering. Here is my July Recs and my August Recs.

I been listening to new music and you can find what is at my (New for me: VV Brown, Hot Chip, and The Knife)

I have never realized how much my mother knows my sister and me. My mom is the best, yo. Last weekend went to the flea market and spend nine dollars for four books (two for my sister and two for me) and Kurt Cobain lunchbox (that my mom saw and told me to get it). I can't wait to go back and get some more used books.

This Saturday going to Barnes & Noble Alpharetta store (76 mile trip north) to go to see Michelle Zink with my sister to get our books sign. We are excited since this our first book signing also going to stop by for the Decatur Book Festival. We going to drag our best friend Amber with us and celebrate her 21st birthday. (I want to go to Dragon-Con so bad maybe next Labor Day Weekend.)


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