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6 Reasons to watch Juno by [ profile] misst89 - Picspam

American Idol
stand back and watch you shine by [ profile] cinderlily - AU. Sequel to just another word for you. David Archuleta, former college student/former theater tech/former unknown and current something of American Idol Winner David Cook, has to figure out who he is and who he wants to be. The problem with growing up becomes deciding between what you want and what you need. His dream or Cook? Right on characterization of fandom!David Archuleta and I love that cinderlily just show not tell Archuleta/Cook relationship which makes it feel organic and gives the story a lot of room for plot even if it a fluffy plot. (25,000 words)

The Ribbons and the Rot by [personal profile] feverbeats - AU. "Robin," she says again, meeting his eyes even behind his mask. "As in Batman and. Better half and all that." The mixture of bitterness, the short to the point imagery and the frankness of the sex makes me love this fic. Nice quick read if you want some angst. (~10,376 words)

Dostana (6) )

Kal Ho Naa Ho (3) )

Marvel (2) )

OZ (3) )

Scooby Doo Where Are You! (TV 1969)
Haunting Things (Real and Fake) by [ profile] escritoireazul - Just as mysteries must be solved, some secrets must be kept. How can this be so heartbreaking and real? (1,889 words)

Star Trek XI
A Kind of Magic by [ profile] selinamoonfire - AU. Leonard McCoy never believed in magic until that belief was forced upon him. When Jim Kirk beamed down to Rosa, he never expected to find himself in the middle of a fairy tale. Seriously who doesn‘t enjoy fairy tale re-telling. (~33,843 words)

True Blood
Doll by [personal profile] green - Baby's first makeover. Awesomely believable with nice little details, Pam helping Jessica embraces her vampire-ness and Jessica slowly learning about herself. (1,500 words)

PS. I want a Gabourey Sidibe (icon) that will be fabulous, universe.

is thinkin'

May. 6th, 2010 08:36 pm
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The movie inspire me to write a AU drabble based on it but like americanized and made of real crack. Nothing serious.

Meme Timez

1. Comment to this and I will give you 3 people. [Tell me if you want to play]
2. Post this meme with your answers.
3. Provide pictures and the names of the 3 people.
4. Label which you would shag, marry and throw off a cliff

[personal profile] green gave me True Blood: Eric, Jason, Bill.

Meme )

One prompt @ [community profile] getmikeylaid, totally inspire me. My procrastination is problematic to writing this on time. *thinks*

brain deadz

May. 3rd, 2010 10:52 pm
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My sister is nice, she made me a icon.

Monday, has not been a good day. I’m sick, in the feverish, achy kind of way. I don’t know if I still have a fever but I had a high temperature since this morning. The weather is not helping either, the high pressure made the joints in my feet ache. My stomach hurts and I so don’t want to eat. Also, I don't want it to be summer right now. The heat & the humidity seem to make me ill.

I think I should stop eating spicy food, too since I had heartburn when I woke up this morning.

Sunday, I had a good time at my mom’s best friend church. Too bad the church is in Stone Mountain and not closer to home for me to go regularly.

Films/Series/etc. I want to see: From the Earth to the Moon, a HBO mini-series. The Harry Palmer films, which stars Michael Caine. Cast a Deadly Spell, H.P. Lovecraft-ese HBO film. BSB will be in Atlanta on 6/3, I so want to go.

Sequels to books I want to read: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (10/26/2010), sequel to Beautiful Creatures. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick (?), sequel to hush, hush. Torment by Lauren Kate (09/28/2010), sequel to Fallen. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, sequel to The Hunger Games.

made by [personal profile] nekochan

My sister first post, about why you should watch Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam/Straight from the Heart.

I better get some sleep.


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