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Man, I have a really busy week. Update later.

Good Men by [ profile] dizmo - movie-verse rpf!AU. After the return of Superman, he and Gotham's new vigilante get to know one another. Written as if I lived in the moviefusion-verse and were writing superhero RPF. Because I so would. Brilliant, dizmo execute this novel concept right on the money. (15,152 words)

Superboy/Superbuddies comic by [ profile] kokiri85 - Brilliant!

Fast and the Furious
Memphis by [personal profile] dirty_diana - A broken air-conditioner and an unmade bed, a coda to Boomerang. Can this be canon, please? (~900 words)

Gossip Girl
Curve by [ profile] bond_girl - Chuck and Nate's relationship is a study in learning curves and vicious circles I don't know if I rec this before but if I did, I'm reccing it again cause it that good. (800 words)

House M.D.
Survival Strategies by [ profile] Mer - A bad week leaves Wilson wondering if he made the right career choice and House struggling to support his best friend. This fic has the right mixture of humor and angst for this to be show canon, seriously go read it. (22,306 words)

That's How Strong My Love Is by [ profile] piscesmoon - AU. For once, Wilson doesn't fall into a relationship, much to House's irritation. This fic made me smile this week. (20,535 words)

His Pound Of Flesh by [ profile] fuzzy_carpet - Spider-Man movie-verse; spoilers for SM3. There was a million ways to break a man's spirit. Dark, full of angst but it fits for Harry/Peter. (740 words)

And the Band, They Played the Homecoming Theme by [ profile] harmonyangel - AU of Astonishing X-Men. Just as Scott and Logan are settling into life as a couple, Jean returns from the dead and Logan is kidnapped by Mr. Sinister. Now it's up to Scott and Jean to work through their laundry list of issues, beat the bad guy, and rescue the man they both love. I love this especially since Jean feels so in character in this fic. Logan and Scott being a couple totally believable in this is only an added bonus in my opinion. (~15,400 words)

Steam by [ profile] trillingstar - Two weeks of complete silence from Beecher, and Keller’s had more than enough. Toby’d blabbed on about poison and addiction, felt self-righteous and now acts like he’s forgotten all about what they’d shared. ;) (~850 words)

The Glass Slipper of Our Generation by [ profile] dancinbutterfly - A prequel to Big Hands I Know You’re the One. Mikey was looking for the perfect fit. (~1,100 words)

Speed by [personal profile] dirty_diana - an Entourage RPF story, Five location shoots for Kevin and Adrian. (~2,900 words)

you can't believe everything you read in the papers by [personal profile] pesha - Adrian likes trash magazines and gossip. Neither are going to win him a Nobel but at least he's happy and that's something Kevin can appreciate. (~1,600 words)

Four Things the Paparazzi Does Not Know by [ profile] plasticeneposes - She's the one that makes the first move. A nice sweet, adorable fic that is not over-done, yeah. (~800 words)

Transformers (movies)
Let the Good Times Roll by [personal profile] blue_soaring - Sam thumps his forehead with his fist. "Should've bought the Fiesta. It had racing stripes." Damn, this is smoking hot, and it really shouldn't be but who cares, man. (~3,000 words)
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Warning: I’m an abuser of adverbs.

American Idol
A Chance Contract by [ profile] timeisgone - A house, an opportunity, a contract, and everything in between. If you need something cute and funny to lift your spirits up, go read this story like now. (22,500+ words)

Collect Call by [ profile] sidhe_unseelie - With the door wide open, no one can leave. I almost forgot about this story, go read it for different perceptive on the recordings of Black Parade. (Frank is a scene-stealer. ;).) I got more to say on this story but go read it you want to read more Mikey/Ray stories. (12,164 words)

Fast and the Furious
Unfinished Business by [ profile] maygra - alternate ending. The adrenaline wore off long before they were done with him. This is one of the best Fast and the Furious story written on the net in my opinion. Also read Shifting Gears. (84,000 words)

Iron Man (2) )

The Mighty Boosh (2) )

Star Trek XI
A Child of Two Worlds by [personal profile] maxwrite - While on shore leave, Nyota and Spock discover how comfortable they are in their friendship after their break-up. Uhura and Spock are in character in this fic, the break up feels naturally and their friendship doesn’t seem false in anyway. Read if for the great characterization and some Scotty action. (13,376 words)

True Blood
Dilute by [personal profile] lim - fanvid! Awesome interchanging clips, colouring is amazing, wonderful song, and I can't wait for the new season.

the ghost in the room, or, why modesty is a dirty fucking word by [personal profile] synecdochic - Everyone one should or read this.

The Trust by [ profile] batdetective - Scans of the 8pg comic, The Trust
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Hello all. Long time no post, I think it feels like forever since I wrote anything here, and haven't post at anything on livejournal, either. Livejournal is pissing me off and I really don't want to talk about it.

I just want to state that fact why didn't I know the existence of Janelle Monáe.

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The Dark Knight
A Fair Trial by [ profile] rams_eng - A Fair Trial fan comic cover - pg 6

A Fair Trial by [ profile] rams_eng - A Fair Trial fan comic pg 7-14

Merlin (5) )
RPF (14) )
White Collar (7) )

The Vampire Diaries (TV)
This Modern Love by [ profile] luux_lu - fanmix. To be lost in the forest / To be cut adrift / You've been trying to reach me
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I'm just very selective about the reality I choose to accept. -- Calvin

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Dates Compiled: October 29, 2008 - December 18, 2008
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Nothing I do is my fault. -- Calvin

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Dates Compiled: September 24, 2008 - October 22, 2008
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Original Posted Date: September 10, 2008

Strange Medicine by [personal profile] megyal - 16 candles!au. Pete snapped the large diary shut with a frown. Patrick's slanted handwriting simply stopped in the middle of his mundane shopping list, as if he had gotten up to do something and forgot to come back to finish it. That was how Patrick did things sometimes, leaving stuff half-finished while his attention focused elsewhere. Pete had been bemused when it had been Andy pushing away the cover of the crypt this evening, until Andy had said tightly, "Patrick's gone." Just full of awesome and this story has some implied pairings. A new bandom character I didn’t know exist named Matt. He is Andy’s best friend and damn I wish I knew about him earlier. (~8,700 words)

We'll Stay Up Late and Howl by [personal profile] megyal - 16 candles!au. Matt sat in the backseat of the gently rocking car and ignored the regular fumes coming from the half-opened windows; as a matter of fact, he completely disregarded those slick smells of fuel and waste. He was busy filtering the emotions he was picking up through his nose, right here in this big vehicle. This story is a continuation to Strange Medicine. This so is so heartbreaking. It has everything you want to read about drama, angst, & humor. Patrick struggle to keep Travis and Pete happy will make you cry. The undeniable love of Matt and Andy is full of humor and little bit of something else. I didn’t want the story to end. I hope that meygal will write something to reslove the problems. (~36,000 words)

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Last Updated Date: September 15, 2008
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Original Posted Date: August 27, 2008
Last Updated September 10, 2008

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simple when it is sweet by [ profile] gonnafeelgood - au. Sequel to 'the haves and have-nots'. Victoria doesn't go home with Travie the first night they meet. (~1,445 words)


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