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Belated Posting

I don't have the internet access at home. I'm all sad-face about it that Comcast and Hughes Net are such big jerks. I'm at the library Conyers. Y'll this library is gorgeous and it huge for all the libraries I have ever visit in Georgia.

It has finally stopped raining here.

Leo & Tom Bromance, I need more, or you know people writing me fic about them.

I can't find any downloads links for this show and I actually want to see it.


Anabasis by coldthermistor - AU. Dominic Cobb is a man on the run. He's on the run from a marriage slowly falling apart, from being framed for a crime he didn't commit...and on the run from the memories of a betrayal that haunts him still. He remembers little of the night except for one thing, burned into his mind: Arthur betrayed him. Arthur cannot be trusted. Now, a business man, Saito has come forward: with what seems to be Cobb's best hope of learning the truth about that night so many years ago...and with Cobb's best hope of clearing his name. In return, he only wants an impossible job performed. Inception. There is no room for failure. The stakes are too high. But there is an enemy haunting Cobb's enemy wearing the face of a man that Cobb knows only too well: Cobb's former point man, Arthur... Novel idea, novel-sized, and it brought me to tears, especially the parts with Mal. It made me speechless.(80,617 words)

In a phrase to cut these lips by missy7280 - The military didn't quite know what it was getting into when it created dream-sharing. This is a story about what went wrong. It's a story about dreams. It's about forgetting, and also remembering. But most of all, this is a story about love. I love the exploration of Arthur and Cobb relationship dynamic especially in the flashbacks. The back-story was so interesting, plausible, and left me wanting more. Cobb is so flesh out with all his flaws but it not overly dramatic and I like that. I love Ariadne is in here and that the author wrote what Cobb's feelings about her were. Just go read it, an excellent Arthur/Cobb story that not too angsty. (27,764 words)

Sherlock BBC:
Three’s a Crowd… isn’t it? by laura_trekkie - Sherlock watches as John and Lestrade go from friendship to much more, but a run in with Moriarty makes him face his own feelings for his two friends. (25,094 words)

Grey Is My Favourite Colour by Snow - A "5 Times Lestrade went to Sherlock and 1 Time Sherlock went to Lestrade" fic. (2,575 words)

Sherlock has taken over my mind. The proof is in my delicious.

Star Trek:
The Last Two Tours by castofone - Three years at the academy as best friends turned into ten years in the black as something more. It is a series of up and downs, of happiness and sadness as Jim and Bones share their lives with each other aboard the starship Enterprise. The Last Two Tours is a story told in two opposing linearities - Jim's which progresses forward in time and McCoy's which goes backwards in time. Tears in my eyes, one of the few fanfics I read that exhibit the realistic pull and push of a long-term relationship. Yes, the ending is sad but I think it a worthwhile read if you don't want to read anything fluffy. It's has a standalone sequel that I haven't read yet. (38,789 words)

Vid Recs

More pictures to come. My friend Amber did my make-up and I felt very pretty that day.