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cris ([personal profile] crisporres) wrote2011-09-19 04:06 pm

alive and kickin

I'm alive, mostly. I finally realize how addicted I'm to the Internet. I went through withdrawal not having it in the house or on my mobile. I'm slowly reading fic I can save from the library to read later at home. I hate the nearest library to my house only allow me to use Internet Explorer. I really hate that browser, always giving me a headache.

I'm slowly trying to read real books to curb my withdrawal. I totally feel like it not working but I'm trying.

I don’t think I will be trying to post regular recs post again. I don’t have the energy to do it. It makes me sad to think that I don’t have internet at home.

I finally got to watch Captain America, thank you dad, which made me happy and I also finally watch the final season of Avatar: the Last Airbender. (Thank you nicktoons.) Zuko is my new favorite, love how he progress as a character.