crisporres: (text ā†’ today mission)
cris ([personal profile] crisporres) wrote2011-07-09 05:09 pm
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Sun Burnt

I'm alive just been working and for three days straight I had to be outside being around people I don't want to be around for ten hours straight. I'm exhausted. Seriously can't wait for night shift after this weekend. I hate working with around people my age. I seriously have inferiority complex and hate social interactions. I hate talking about or hearing people having social lives especially from college students. I know they talk about me behind my back so whatever I'm there to be paid. (Iā€™m terrified of going back, I really hate being around

My dad co-workers are jerks and we can't help being passive, can't even muster passive-aggression. smh

I'm couple of shades darker, which I'm cool with if I wasn't for the irritation of itchy skin.

Bought some mangas for my sister and bought Last Exile for myself.

Behind in reading two BBB stories I read last weekend (I think) and never finish them. I don't fill up to trying to catch up with them. My bookmarks are in chaos and I need to go to sleep.

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