crisporres: (spn → castiel → hot mess)
cris ([personal profile] crisporres) wrote2011-06-15 10:10 pm
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work: update

Today is my day off, I work two days now and my body is sore. My job is okay but defiantly needed the rest since I never physically exert myself this much before. I had to get new shoes for work today (tiny blisters on my feet), and ate well cause parents took me to Friday's. Sister was sweet yesterday; she made me doctors and lay out my clothes so I didn't have to get them when I took a shower. My family can be awesome at times. Dad also gave me watermelon so I'm happy camper that is tired too.

A wicked storm is happening right now, the wind is blowing hard. I'm not reading anytime right now cause I'm tired. Right now listening to Blacking It Up podcast, love it.

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